Linksys WKPC54G Problem

  Baledor 09:14 17 Sep 2004

Hi Everyone,

I have the Linksys WKPC54G ADSL Wireless Router with the Linksys Wireless-G PCMCIA card in my laptop.

I have the SSID changed to a unique name which is matched in the PCMCIA card settings to the router SSID, I do not have WEP enabled, nor do I have the firewall enabled (preferring to use ZoneAlarm).

I have this problem, on Wednesday night the connection kept coming and going. I have not installed any new software or hardware, it just started with the Windows balloon in the taskbar saying 'Wireless connection unavailable' a few seconds later the balloon would pop back up with 'Connected to (SSID) Signal strength: Very Good). It continued to do this all night until I gave up trying to resolve it, which involved connecting to the router with the supplied Cat5 cable and checking the settings, changing the channel, but nothing resolved it.

Last night I lost patience and reset the router back to the factory settings, I uninstalled the PCMCIA card. Then set up the router, following the manufacturers’ instructions from the beginning. I have avoided changing any settings to much as I want to avoid problems. The only things I have set is PPPoA, changed the access to allow only the MAC address of the PCMCIA, turned on the firewall (as I want to use it instead of ZoneAlarm), set the VC & MCU. I then installed the PCMCIA card, again following the manufacturers instructions. At this moment in time everything seems to be running ok.

Sorry for the long description, but I wanted to accurately describe the problem, because I want to know if anyone else has had this problem? Did they find out what was causing it? And what did they do to resolve it?

Thanks for listening.

  The Regster 19:38 24 Sep 2004

I have (am having) a similar problem with my Linksys Wireless PCI card and WRT54G wireless router.

In addition, on losing the connection the PC is usually unable to connct to the router afterwards - it sees the SSID, but fails to register, saying it needs the network key (it is WEP enabled).

I have the correct key and if I keep refreshing it eventually connects.

This was driving me insane, especialy as the laptop and PDA on the same network have no such problems.

I rang Linksys tech support and they suggested I change the channel (but only through a wired connection in case it disconnects during the update).

The channel is changed through the setup menu at the usual IP address.

Frankly, I was sceptical, but agreed and moved from channel 11 to channel 5 (purely random selection).

It has made an enormous difference. The signal is better and far less volatile. Altough the problem still emerges from time to time.

Give it a try (if you haven't already) and let me know how it goes...

  The Regster 19:52 24 Sep 2004

Apologies - just seen the bit in your original post about the channel change....

However, having seen such a big difference since changing the channel here, I can only suggest that you keep trying different frequencies.

I have a book (a few years old now) that says wi-fi (particulalry 802.11b) is susceptible to interference from DECT telephones.

My base station for the handset now sits right next to the router. The problems started at about the same time I moved the router towards the telephone base. At the time I thought nothing of it - hence the call to tech support.

Whatever the cause, the new channel has made a tangible difference.

Apologies for not givig your post my full attention first time round.

Best of luck.

  The Regster 18:54 29 Sep 2004


The problem of mine was persisting in making my on line life very difficult, so I went to the Linksys knowledge base today and found the following: click here=

Since changing the router settings I have been on line continuously.

Elsewhere in the knowledge base there was an answer regarding cordless phones causing interference - if you (or I suppose a close neighbour) has one it might be causing interference according to Linksys.

Best of luck.

The Regster

  Baledor 19:37 29 Sep 2004

but I lost my rag and sold it, and plugged my free Wanadoo modem back in, happily surfing away - with no disconnections!

  SEASHANTY 19:58 29 Sep 2004

Blame wireless interference on mobile phones. My next door neighbour causes interference on Freeview
TV reception when using his mobile. It is enough to
stop any DVD recording I happen to be making at the time. Ban all these damned mobile phones. I seldom use mine - and I certainly wouldn't use it from my home address.

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