Linksys Wireless setup not working

  funkey_monkey 10:01 21 Nov 2008

I’ve got a Dell Dimension 510 running WinXP. I am having regular problems with my wireless internet setup which does not hold the connection and continuously drops out.
I have broadband internet provided by Virgin Media and I use a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Other users in the house are having no problems with the connection so I assume that it is with my PC.
I am using a Linksys WMP54G wireless PC card.
The issue is that the internet connection manager shows that the connection is not held. It seems that the system can connect to the router but not to the internet.

I have recently noticed that my machine is running quite slowly on start up, but I put that down to the fact that recently I’ve added a lot of media files onto the drive (drive noe at 50%).
Also, in the recent past, I’ve had issues with a virus but after numerous reruns of AVG and malware detection, Adaware, and SpyBot I’ve found no new problems on the machine.

Anyone got suggestions as to what might be the cause of the intermittent connection and slowness.

  mgmcc 11:37 21 Nov 2008

The Linksys WRT54G is usually a very reliable router. You could try changing the Channel number in its wireless settings - try "6" or "11" or, if already using one of these, try the other.

You could also try allocating a fixed IP address to the Wireless Network Adapter in the PC, instructions click here

If you're using the Linksys software for the wireless networking, you might find using Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration instead more reliable.

  funkey_monkey 12:20 21 Nov 2008

Is it possible that I've downloaded a dialler accidently which is continuously trying to dial out overriding my connectino - hence the continuous connection attempts?

PS - thanks for the reply, I'll take a look at it tonight when I get home.

Will me modifying the ch no affect other users?

  mgmcc 08:42 22 Nov 2008

>>> hence the continuous connection attempts?

Go to "Control panel > Internet Options", select the Connections tab and ensure the option is selected for "Never dial a connection".

>>> Will me modifying the ch no affect other users?

The Wireless Network adapters connecting to the router will automatically adjust to whichever channel the router is using.

  funkey_monkey 13:48 22 Nov 2008

Hi, thanks once again.

I'm not sure any more, but it would appear to be failing to connect to the Router - the reason being I switched from Windows managment of the wireless and switched to the Linksys vers and it looked like that PC could not connect with the router as opposed to a fault between the router and internet....

  mgmcc 14:14 22 Nov 2008

I'd recommend sticking with Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration to manage the wireless networking. It is more straightforward to use than the software supplied with wireless adapters.

  funkey_monkey 14:15 22 Nov 2008

I wonder does this explain it:

click here

I run AVG on both my PC and the home laptop. I noticed today that the laptop (usiing it now) has connection problems to the update manager.

  mgmcc 16:52 22 Nov 2008

If you have problems accessing AVG updates, that could be the cause. It shouldn't be the cause of any other connectivity issues though.

  MAJ 18:37 22 Nov 2008

I wouldn't worry too much about having problems connecting to Grisoft's (AVG) update servers, they are frequently overwhelmed it would seem. As long as your laptop is connecting to everything else, it's okay.

  funkey_monkey 12:15 23 Nov 2008

Well, the laptop is connecting to the internet even though AVG has issues, so surely my PC should do likewise.

Must be another reason...

Our nieghbour has a router which operates on the same ch as ours - I'm not sure what make/model it is though. However, noone else is complaining of this problem except me.

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