Linksys Wireless Router Connection Issues..

  shafan123 12:44 23 Mar 2006

Good day. this is the story so far...

Just come OFF AOL, moved onto UK Online and bought a new Linksys Wireless Modem & Router ( WAG354G-UK).

This is connected via Ethernet to my PC. All settings were changed over the ethernet connection.

Problem: Can't connect to internet.

Info: DSL is up and running (light constantly on), spoke to tech support they said it could be an authorisation issue (something like error code 701, 702). That I am sending limited data out but not recieving.

Solutions Tried:
Checked the settings 3 times with tech support:
PPPOA, VC etc..
Changed the mirco filter & connection wire.

Next Solution:
Tonight I will test the modem on a different broadband connection. I have no reason to think the modem is faulty!

I do believe that this is an ISP/Phone line issue, but i am unsure.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  phil46 20:15 23 Mar 2006

I was not aware that a Linksys router worked with AOL as far as i know only Netgear and BT Voyager are supported.
The BT Voyager being a Modem.

  shafan123 09:23 24 Mar 2006

Well I switched my WAG354G for a WAG54 (that had been working at another location) and it works perefectly! So either i missed a router setting.. or well i dont know!! but im happy now.


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