Linksys WAG54G won't connect to Wanadoo

  pl2112 13:12 04 Oct 2004

I installed a Linksys WAG54G combined ADSL modem, wireles router and gateway but can't get it to connect to Wanadoo.

It is connected to the main PC by ethernet cable and the second PC by wireless PCI card. The green LED's on the front of the unit light to show the ethernet connection and DSL are active but the internet LED glows only faintly. When I try to connect I get a can't find server error.

I have followed the set up instructions to the letter. Any ideas anyone?

  Rigga 13:40 04 Oct 2004


When you say "When I try to connect I get a can't find server error" Are you trying to connect to the internet or the router?

If you're trying to connect to the internet have you first setup the internet connection details in the router?

I'm not sure about Wanadoo but most ISP's provide a user and password to access their service. Have you input these into your router? as without them the router eill not be able to establish a connection with your ISP.

Your router is normally accessed though ip address or is it i can never remember. but after you have access to your routers pages, check the status page and report back what it says.


  pl2112 13:48 04 Oct 2004

Sorry, I meant when I try to connect to the internet. I have set up the internet connection details in the router and input the username and password.

I am at work at the moment so can't check the status page but when I checked last night it said the DSL link was connected. If I try to navigate away from the router ( I get the can't find server error.

  Rigga 14:08 04 Oct 2004

right you will need to check that your router, and then your computer is getting the right IP information. On the status page it should give you your Internet IP Address, and your Default Gateway and your Primary DNS server. Are these all populated?

If they are check them against the details from the wanadoo web site. Although I suspect they will be correct if your status is connected.

Secondly how are you getting your computers IP address? have you input it manually, or are you using DHCP to get the IP address from the router?

If your not sure what DHCP is then you've probably got a manual IP address.

Either way, when at the computer, Under the start menu \Programs\Accessories select command prompt. Then type IPCONFIG followed by return. This should list your computers IP address along with some other information. Namely a subnet mask and a default gateway. the default gateway should be set to the IP of your router,

If you need help doing this, or it's already correctly setup post back.


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