Linksys WAG160N and HP550 Vista not connecting

  WaTcHiNg 13:58 20 Nov 2009

I have a Linksys WAG160N router which works brilliantly with my blackberry, 5 laptops and a desktop PC. I can turn the devices on and off and they always reconnect without any problem.

The only problem is that I also have a HP 550 laptop which will not connect via wireless unless I reboot the router. As this laptop only gets user every few days, I can't understand why 7 other devices would work flawlessly but I have to reboot the router just for 1 laptop. The message is that the connection has limited connectivity. I have 25 addresses set up in DHCP and therefore have plenty left!

All of the settings on the laptop are obviously OK because as soon as I reboot the router his laptop connects.

  mgmcc 12:13 22 Nov 2009

Have you tried giving the "problem" Laptop a fixed IP address in the same Subnet as the Router, but outside its DHCP pool of 25 addresses?

  WaTcHiNg 13:47 23 Nov 2009

I had time to do some playing at weekend. I disabled the MAC filter on the router and hey presto, the laptop connected straight away.
I re-enabled the MAC filtering rebooted the laptop and it reconnected.

So, as the MAC address of the router is already entered on the router, why does it need this 'kick' to allow the laptop to connect the first time after it's been away for a few days?

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