Linksys WAG 354 G - setup problems

  Dirty Dick 16:21 15 Jun 2006

My friend is trying to install the modem/router. He has connected the cables in the correct way, and has turned on the equipment in the correct order. He is running Windows XP. The instructions then say to open a Browser (he has Internet Explorer) and enter the following in the address bar (click here) This he has done but it then says that the web page is unavailable whilst off line and asks if he wants to stay offline or connect. If he presses conect, the message "page not available" is shown. He is on Broadband with Tiscali. I'm having to take the details of his problem over the telephone, so please bear with me. Can any one help please.

  ade.h 16:47 15 Jun 2006

This a basic one, but a common error. He must do one of the following:

1) Select "never dial a connection" on the Connections tab of Internet Options.


2) Uninstall all software and drivers for any installed modems. This is the preferred option, but either of these actions must be carried out when changing from a modem-derived connection to a LAN.

  Dirty Dick 17:03 15 Jun 2006

Thanks for that, I'll give him a call AFTER THE MATCH, and let you know how he goes on.

  Dirty Dick 19:53 15 Jun 2006

He did item 1 - "never dial a coonection" and we got a little bit further but not much. He now gets a dialogue box asking for his user name & passwoed, whick are default settings."admin" & "admin". After entering these details the "Basic Setup" screen should show BUT another dialogue box appears titled "Connect to" asking for further User name & Password. Have tried "admin" & "admin" but keeps returning to same place. HELP !!!

  wky 12:14 17 Jun 2006

i think the password should be admin and the username is blank, that's what it says in my manual for wireless router linksys.

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