Linksys WA54G keeps dropping

  goll_y 08:28 19 Mar 2005

I've had some problems recently, that my linksys router WAG54G keeps losing connection with both of the computers I have connected to it and also my wireless XBox stuff.

When I try to view wireless networks it can't find them. I have to turn off then turn back on again my router at which time one of the computers things its found a new network (I use Zone Alarm).

Is there anything I can do which will sort it out?

  FelixTCat 13:20 19 Mar 2005

You may be getting interference from a nearby network on the same channel. Try changing the router's wireless network to a different channel.

  busman 19:08 19 Mar 2005

I had a simular problem and I found that buying a booster aerial sorted me out. hope this helps.

  goll_y 18:31 23 Mar 2005


I heard my brother in law had the same problem with his wag54g. I'm right next to the router so I don't think distance is an issue.

I've also put the channel on 1 and I've still got problems.

Oh dear.....

  FelixTCat 21:13 23 Mar 2005

See if it is Zone Alarm that's causing the problem.

  Forum Editor 21:21 23 Mar 2005

that is transmitting - like a Microwave oven, or a Hands-free phone, for instance?

Radio transmissions can behave in weird ways, and I've know mobile phones that upset wireless routers.

  ills 21:29 23 Mar 2005

Same probs, internet dropping every 30/45 mins have to keep turning it off and back on, spent HOURS with linksys tech support eventually they are going to change it (3yr Warranty) Wouldn't accept any firmware upgrades Wireless seems to be fine, range not brilliant indoors. Other problem is i have to drop it off in london i do live in kent but who is going to take time off to go to london to drop off a parcel thats going to netherlands!!! I'll probably have to buy another one, any reccomendations ? not linksys, netgeard tech line is in india and they dont seem to understand if it's not on the screen in front of them they're done for.!!

  goll_y 07:49 24 Mar 2005

I did again try changing the channel and it hasn't dropped all night. Mmmm, interesting. Is that likely to have solved it?

  FelixTCat 10:01 24 Mar 2005

Sounds like it. There may have been another wireless network nearby using the same channel and they were interfering with each other.

A lot of other electrical equipment radiates in the same band and it could have been one of those.

  goll_y 18:45 24 Mar 2005

Yeah, I think that must be it. I did notice another wireless network nearby (we're in a block of flats!)

  FelixTCat 21:21 24 Mar 2005

You might like to think about putting some security on your wireless network. Consider WEP, MAC address filtering and/or SSID concealing to prevent others eavesdropping/freeloading on your network.

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