linksys set up

  collinsc 13:53 08 Sep 2007

ok- so ive got to the linksys set up page

what details do i need to add/change?

someone says i need to enter my user id (email addy) and password. is that right?
where do i enter that??


  ambra4 15:20 08 Sep 2007

what model linksys router

  collinsc 16:15 08 Sep 2007




  Strawballs 20:57 08 Sep 2007

click here This might help

  Taff™ 09:26 09 Sep 2007

Strawballs - Good link!

collinsc - From your previous thread I posted the link to the Quick Start for the router Here it is again click here This walks you through the settings, the rest you can get from Strawballs link. (Sorry I didn`t post yesterday - Rugby season has started!)

  collinsc 11:53 09 Sep 2007

ok- previous one resolved.

right- im going to print that out..! and will be in touch again soon..!

someone on another forum has told me the WRT54G version does NOT have a modem!? are we confident it does!?

  irishrapter 20:04 09 Sep 2007

Are you on Cable or ADSL broadband?

The Linksys WRT54G is a cable router and does not have an ADSL modem. (AFAIK)

  Strawballs 21:46 09 Sep 2007

That is the one I have and it is definatly for cable and has no built in modem.

  collinsc 08:11 10 Sep 2007

So- a change from my other thread then- i DONT have the right kit!

what do i need now then? how much will it cost?

  Taff™ 09:48 10 Sep 2007

One of the problems here is that we have had three threads on the go! In one of them you said you had a Voyager 205 ADSL modem - this is not wireless however I believe the WRT54G can be used as a wireless access point when connected to the Voyager using an ethernet cable. click here and go to page 10 which describes the set up.

I`d welcome other forum members comments because I`ve never done this myself.

  collinsc 12:07 10 Sep 2007

yes- taff- i thank you for your continued support- does anyone else have any suggestions!?

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