Linksys Router Config Problem

  Narayan Adhikari 17:37 10 Aug 2006

Hi there,

I am using Linksys BEFSR41 v4 Cable/DSL router to share my HomeChoice Broadband. But the router drops the connection frequently causing even the HomeChoice Set Top Box (STB) to restart. When the connection is dropped, I have to go to the Router Config page and just click 'Save Settings' and everything comes back to normal.

The Router is replaced LinkSys but it didn't help. Then the STB is replaced by HomeChoice but the problem is still there. I tried Crossover cable to connect the STB & Router as well. I also tried putting 3Com 8-port hub between the router and STB thinking of the compatibility issue. But I still have the same problem.

When I connect STB to a PC directly (without router/hub) everything works fine. I have upgraded the router firmware also but it didn't help either. The only change is before upgrade the Internet IP in router config page would turn to when the connection is dropped but after firmware upgrade, the Internet IP also stays there.

Thanks in advance for any help?



  FelixTCat 17:55 10 Aug 2006

Narayan Adhikari,

Does the router drop the connection frequently and REGULARLY?

In the router's setup pages there may be an option to disconnect if no activity for, say, 5 minutes. If you set this to 0 minutes it is disabled.



  Narayan Adhikari 00:54 11 Aug 2006

Hi Felix

Yes, the router drops the connection frequently and regularly. There is no settings like 'disconnect if no activity' or similar. And it disconnects even if the connection is constantly in use.

Thanks for your interest.

  FelixTCat 06:44 11 Aug 2006

Narayan Adhikari,

What happens if you remove the router but leave the 8-port hub so that you have STB- hub - pc? Do you still get the drop-out?



  Narayan Adhikari 07:50 11 Aug 2006

Hub works fine, but I cannot share the connection with the hub. I need the router for that.

  FelixTCat 08:25 11 Aug 2006

Narayan Adhikari,

I have never worked with a STB, so I don't think I can offer any more suggestions. There would appear to be an incompatibility between the STB and the router. Can you borrow a different router to try to see if it makes any difference?



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