Linksys Router

  GBL 21:21 12 May 2010

I have a Linksys Wireless G Gateway router model WAG 200G, which has developed an intermittent problem whereby it drops the DSL connection, I understand that this is a problem with this particular router, which is now discontinued.

I am looking at replacing it with another Linksys Wireless G Gateway router model WAG 54GS.

Has anyone any comments wich may help me make my mind up. My ISP is (not cable).

  john bunyan 21:53 12 May 2010

I had a Linksys for about 3 years - had a few problems and now use a Belkin N+ that (I think) has a life guarantee.

  Halmer 22:19 12 May 2010

had a few issues setting it up but fine once done. It's got a useful back up facility that you can use to restore if you have any problems and it works!

  Migwell 23:22 12 May 2010

I have one of those (WAG54GS) routers and while I had what looked like a few problems at first, I contacted Linksys direct on their help line a freephone. They were fantastic in the help they gave me. Infact it turned out to be a problem with Windows XP Pro at that time which they solved for me. In the attempt to help the phone call which I first made which is a free call to their help line, ended with the helper asking if he could do a bit more investigation on the subject and would come back to me. After about 15 minutes he rang back and again worked hard to get my kit working. In the end he succeeded. The whole process took a long time (about 3 hours). When I thanked him and asked him where he was stationed, he replied he was in India. He was very humble about me thanking him and then thanked me for putting up with him. I have never before or since had such grand help from anyone, and would NEVER have anything said wrong about Linksys for this, nor would I buy another make of router EVER.

  GBL 23:29 12 May 2010

Thanks to you all for the input, I will leave the thread open and check again in the morning.

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