Linksys cant find net - how do I change settings?

  Halmer 13:32 31 Dec 2005

I have bought a Linksys ADSL and network adaptor.

I suspect that I haven't set up the configuration properly as I have found instructions (which I missed) that suggest that I should have selected BT as the service provider as they are suitable for all service providers.

I use Pipex.

How do I access the setings to change this please.

I have tow PCs both with XP on them. The PC with the receiver is getting a signal but obviously that one too cannot access the net.

  Ade_1 13:49 31 Dec 2005

Do you have a green icon with black bars on it (at bottom rigth hand corner of screen? If so click that and choose your router or service providor. If you have done that then you need to get the Username and Password which your providor should have given to you. And access it by typing something in your Internet Broswer. In my case as i am on BT i had to type (the default) and set it up via there.

  Ade_1 13:51 31 Dec 2005

i have to leave the computer now so if you need anymore help i can try later when i get back

  Ade_1 13:52 31 Dec 2005

sorry if that help is no good, im just goign on what i knwo from using BT...

  Halmer 13:52 31 Dec 2005

I have the green icon on my lad's PC (the one with the small USB network adaptor plugged in) but nothing on my PC where the Lynksys adsl is attached to my Ethernet card via my BT box and microfilter.

  Ade_1 16:35 31 Dec 2005

Well if i am reading you correctly, you are using wired on your PC. Which therefore means i cant really help you as my internet was not being picked up by my ethernet card in my computer so i had to turn to using USB rather than ethernet.

  Ade_1 16:37 31 Dec 2005

if i am wrong just ignore me

  Halmer 17:13 31 Dec 2005

Only just got my old Pipex con working.

When i run the Cd that came with it it gets as far as no 7. It tells me that the password is 'admin' in lower case and yet when I enter admin it tells me that it is wrong .


  Halmer 17:14 31 Dec 2005

My ethernet card is not picking up the internet either for some reason.

  Ade_1 18:08 31 Dec 2005

yes mine is the same. I dont know what else to suggest apart from goign to Pipex to help you out. Unless smoeone else on here can help. Sorry i cant help anymore.

  Halmer 18:26 31 Dec 2005

they told me to ring Linksys after a 30 mins wait. Linksys telephone number says that it is not available so i am stuck.

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