Linksys BEFSR11 router problem

  ricvic 08:13 15 Mar 2003

My router seems to have stopped working.
I cannot connect with the router in place, but can connect my PC directly to the NTL set top box. Likewise the network hub is OK, I can tyalk to other PCs around the house.
Over a few days it has become more erratic (indeed I wonder whether earlier problems which I blamed on occasional outages from NTL are at my end) to the point where it now does not work.

It powers up but the LAN diagnositc lights flash in sync. The WAN lights are OK.

Linksys have been helpful and say that the firmware is corrupted, and to reset the unit. I've done that - several times. I've also powered it down and let it go cold. Sometimes after a reset it stays up for a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds.

My instinct is that the unit (from DABS, over 12 months ago) is dead.

Anyone here with experience of this unit and wanting to comment?


PS If it is dead I see that PC World have a 4 port Belkin router at £49. This is a little more than Novatech, but I could presumably get it off the shelf today.

  posh 08:22 15 Mar 2003

Try downloading the latest software by connecting direct to you settop box then connect your router back up and flash upgrade your box. If that does not work it must be duff. I myself have had no trouble and have flash upgraded several times.

  ricvic 09:08 15 Mar 2003

Good morning posh, thank you for your interest.

Sadly even that is not possible. The router is not stable enough to maintain the connection with my PC.


  ricvic 19:39 16 Mar 2003

I don't know if anyone has looked at this thread.
But to conclude: Linksys support have advised me to let it go cold and to reset to factory settings with the reset button.

No cure, sadly. I cannot persuade the LAN connection to work. Evidently the WAN connection is working, evidenced by lights showing data traffic. It's been powered down for 24 hours, then retried. The PC card is OK (I'm using it now) but I cannot persuade the LAN port to work and have to consider it dead.

Checking my records I see that I bought the router from DABs on 19th March last year, so I am within the 12 months for warranty purposes. DABs website say that they will send it off for repair, and I would be without it for several weeks! Frankly I can't put up with that, considering a new unit is half the price I paid last year. I'll but new as well as getting the repair. I wonder if DABs will do a deal?

I'm considering using some bits and pieces to create my own router - old PC wiped clean, two NICs, microsoft ICS until I can be bothered to buy a new router. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your evening.


  ricvic 19:33 17 Mar 2003

DABs would not discuss anything other than a long winded repair procedure.

A linksys tech rep responded to a message which I left and phoned me (Well done linksys - if only more had this sort of aftersales!) and after checking with me declared the router dead beyond repair and offered to swap for a new one within 28 days.

Sorted, and rather swifter than the DABs 4-6 weeks.

  ricvic 20:46 17 Mar 2003

Hi Shane,
Thanks for your email.


  ricvic 21:23 17 Mar 2003

Hi Shane,
Thanks for your email.


  Q-Bie 22:18 17 Mar 2003

"I'm considering using some bits and pieces to create my own router - old PC wiped clean, two NICs, microsoft ICS until I can be bothered to buy a new router. Any thoughts?"

Go the linux route and give smoothwall a try

click here

  ricvic 06:58 18 Mar 2003

Thanks for that Q-Bie

  ricvic 14:31 29 Mar 2003

Just in case anyone wants to know...

Linksys did send a replacement unit, which exhibited the same symptoms as the failed unit. Because I knew that the network cards and cables were OK, and the router was new, I worked out that the power supply was faulty.

I had to use the PSU from the failed unit, because the new unit was supplied with a european plug. A further email exchange with Linksys brought a new PSU this morning and it all works.


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