linksys adsl modem and separate router

  Cessna 09:33 17 Aug 2003

haveing just installed an adsl linksys modem, and attached it to a wireless G router for the laptop i have to say i am most impressed. however i wondered if it is standard practice to leave modems and routers switched on all the time. they seem to get a bit hot, and some people have told me to leave them on. in addition linksys dont make it easy to turn the router off as there is no on/off switch, thus leading me to think that leaving them on is the way to go. any thoughts? what do other do?

  Kitz E Kat 10:22 17 Aug 2003

Not sure what you 'should' do, in a modern house with trip switches in the fuse board you should be OK, however i have everything running of a switched bar which i turn off when im not around.

I am thinking of going the wireless route myself for my lapper, is it fast??

Kitz E

  Cessna 11:24 17 Aug 2003

yeah i am so amazed by the wireless G, the laptop gives me full reception anywhere in the house or garden, 54 meg connection is amazing. the internet speed is not detectably slower than the connected desktop pc. a nightmare to set up though!!!!

  SEASHANTY 11:29 17 Aug 2003

Have the Linksys non wireless router and NTL cable modem. These are both turned off at the power point when not being used. Sure its only about 20 watts per hour for the two of them but over a year it adds up to quite a lot and also its wasteful of energy resources. If you aren't using them then turn them off. This also goes for PC's.

  Kitz E Kat 12:06 17 Aug 2003

See thats the problem.... every Kat in the neighbour hood will be in the garden surfing the net, on their pawtops!!!!

If its half as messy as hookin up my bluetooth adaptor, i still dont know how i got it to work, you have my respect!!

Still i think ill go for it..
Think Seashanty is right about power consumption, and what about radio waves?????

No ,, we dont want to go down that road!!!!
Good luck

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