Linksys Adapter keeps losing IP address

  [DELETED] 11:29 15 Jan 2006

My wireless router and adapter are working OK but every other day the adapter seems to lose the I.P address or can't find it. I have to switch the PC on and off a few times then it connects.

The nice man at PC World suggested that I need to make the address static in some way? Does anyone know what he means and can you advise me please. Both PCs are XP with a Linksys router connected to one via a cable-ethernet and the other via a little Linksys adapter (this is the one that keeps failing every so often).


  mgmcc 13:26 15 Jan 2006

At the moment your wireless adapter is being allocated its IP address by the router. There can be problems such as you are experiencing if, for some reason, the adapter loses its IP address, the router is unaware that this has happened and it isn't automatically renewed. Giving the adapter a fixed IP address can often solve the problem.

If you open the Network Connections folder, highlight the "Wireless Network Connection" and look at the bottom of the blue pane on the left, you will see the adapter's IP address. It will almost certainly start with 192.168 and there will be two numbers after that, make a note of them.

Right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties. In the box that opens, select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. In the next again box, click "Use the following IP address" and enter:

IP address - 192.168.x.x (the number you noted earlier)

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - 192.168.x.1 (this is the router's IP address and will almost certainly have "1" for its last number, but the same third number as you noted for the adapter)

Preferred DNS Server - {the router's IP address again}

Try that and if you get stuck, or don't understand it, ask again.

  [DELETED] 17:49 15 Jan 2006

Thanks for that.

I am trying it at the mo.

  [DELETED] 17:56 15 Jan 2006

When it was working (the adapter that keeps failing) I made a note of all of the details and have just entered those to fix them rather than it working automatically.

I assume that this is what you are advisiing me to do. the IP address on the router PC ends with 100 and the IP address on the adapter PC is 101. I have set it to end in 101.

I've just walked back to the main PC (with the router attached to the ethernet)and there was a Windows message to say that there is an IP conflict. This one appears to be still finding the net though.

I'll post back in a min thanks.

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