Linksys acquiring network address but never connec

  mrdd 03:59 05 May 2009


I have a WRT54G Linksys router and when I am on my computer and only MY computer, the connection constantly goes from "Acquiring network address" to "Not Connected" and repeats over and over, almost like its connecting but my computer is instantly dropping it again. It does this everyday and the only way to fix it which is only temporarily, is to push the tiny reset button in the back of the wireless router about 5 to 10 times... Even when I do this it will still only stay on for about 5 hours until I have to do it again... The other thing is that the wireless works perfectly fine for our Mac that is downstairs and PS3 as well. So it has to do with something about my computer. What I don't understand is why it starts working again when I reset the router? Does it have something to do with refreshing the ip?

  mrdd 04:02 05 May 2009

I also forgot to mention that this happens, as I figured out today,because the security setting is on WPA.. but when I put it to 'Disable' for security I can connect.. but no security or 'disabled' is so unreliable and slow cause of people connecting to my network since I live in a big neighborhood.

  xania 08:32 05 May 2009

Guessing to a certain extent, and I'm assuming that this is a recent development in a system which used to work, but here goes

1. When you press the reset, your PC is calling to refresh itself and hence overcoming a problem you have on that PC either with the router driver or with a part of the OS. If I'm right, then you might be able to resolve the issue by deleing the router from your PC and then allowing the system to re-install it. If this does not work, you should be able to repair the OS either by loading in safe mode (which will attempt lower level repairs) or by reinstalling your OS over the top, which will repair most OS problems without losing your current settings.

2. Others can only access your router if you have the default password. Read up your router manual and it will tell you how to change th access password on the router and, of course, on all your computers.

  sunnystaines 08:44 05 May 2009

phone their free 24/7 helpline its first class

Lynksys 0800 0261418.

  xania 12:03 05 May 2009

Nor sure that this IS a hardware problem so you may find that the help desk cannot resolve it, but certainly worth a try.

  xania 14:05 05 May 2009

Nor sure that this IS a hardware problem so you may find that the help desk cannot resolve it, but certainly worth a try.

  Halmer 21:50 05 May 2009

by changing the settings from 'acquire IP address automatically' to 'use the following IP address'.

Never had a problem again.

Do you also have the latest firmware installed on the router?

  Halmer 21:53 05 May 2009

Start/Connectto/right click on the network/status/properties/networking tab/highlight IPV4/then properties.

  mrdd 20:16 07 May 2009

Well, I fixed it! I went to see if my firmware on the router was correct and it was but when I checked the Wireless-G PCI Adapter it was outdated. So then I upgraded it and it works! So it was just the wireless pci adapter that was making it not work correctly. Anyway, thanks all of you for your help! Outstanding site you got here!

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