links in sun newspaper do not work???

  SANAP 12:24 19 Dec 2004

I am using win98se with opera 7.23, I had to do a clean install of windows recently and for a while had avg switched off! I now use avg7. Did a scan today and got message about dyfica, embedded it looked as if it was linked to spybot search etc, also removed a virus innor but avg could not do anyting with this dyfica thingy. The only thing I have noticed is that I can get to homepage of sun paper but none of the links work while on that page. I then used ie6 and sun links were working ok. I dont know what else is not working properly but can anyne explain why the sun links downt work with opera 7? They were working a few days ago.

Stumped. And if it is that dyfica thingy how do I get rid? And is this dyfica trojan more of a nuisance than harmful?



  Pesala 12:30 19 Dec 2004

Only guessing here as you don't provide a link to the problem page. Possibly the links open popups and you have popups blocked.

I also recommend upgrading to 7.54, which is the latest official release.

  SANAP 12:41 19 Dec 2004

thanks for reply. I went and checked and yes I had pop ups blocked and I had identify as ie6, I changed to opera as identity, accepted pop ups, I then noticed that at the bottom of my screen where I have the links page there was a red x so I clicked on that, sun link reloaded and my links now open again, went and shut off pop ups and they still open. I dont really know what I did but it now works so I am happy.

By the way I used a bought version of opera and they only allow u one upgrade, which is a bit of a swizz, so it will be a long time before I update. I am seriously considering moving to firefox as a protest.


  Pesala 12:51 19 Dec 2004

First time I heard that. If you bought Opera 7x you should get free upgrades to all versions until Opera 8.x You just install the upgrade over your existing version and away you go. Please ask on the Opera forum. I'm using the ad-sponsored version.

  €dstowe 13:17 19 Dec 2004

dyfica and dyfuca are trojans

click here

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