links problem

  AL D. 15:09 15 Jan 2003
  AL D. 15:09 15 Jan 2003

this is not that important,but its annoying,when on some web pages (most)if i click on a link sometimes the link page opens behind the page i'm on so i have to minimise the page to view the new one(hope thats clear)this has only started fairly recently..o/s windows xp pro,
anyone have any solutions?

  jazzypop 15:17 15 Jan 2003

It sounds as if your single-click on the link is being interpreted as a double-click. The first click activates the new link, the second click brings the current window back as the 'focus', i.e. to the front.

Do you have any utilities that could have changed the mouse behaviour?

  AL D. 15:22 15 Jan 2003

thanks for your reply,maybe my mouse button is set to sensitive do yuo think?it is a intelimouse with the newest drivers.

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