Links not working on my .pdf file

  edennorman 10:46 07 Nov 2006

Hello, thank you for looking.

I have just converted a word file into a pdf file.

In the word file all the links are working, but after converting to a pdf most of the links are not active and do not work, though a few do work ok.

Can you help me with this problem.



  Gongoozler 11:18 07 Nov 2006

How are you converting the files. This page suggests that the hyperlinks should convert without problems click here, but I've not tried it myself!

  skeletal 12:35 07 Nov 2006

Aaahhh yes...(best Churchill the dog accent!). This can be much harder than you think and often seems to go so very wrong.

You say “all the links”. I take this to mean the internal Word document links, the most common being the TOC (Table of Contents) which link to Outline numbered headings and figure and table captions. It is not generally realised that a properly converted document will keep all these, and also, you will see all the headers under the Bookmarks tab on the left hand side of Adobe reader (in one sense this is like Word’s document map). Clicking on any of these will take you straight to that part of the document.

In addition, including a hyperlink (as described in the rather dodgy video in Gongoozler’s link) should also work in the manner expected.

In my attempts to unravel why it is hard to convert to pdf properly I have found:

None of the free converters I have tried will convert Word’s internal links (e.g. TOC), but some convert hyperlinks;
Adobe’s own Acrobat pdf maker (NOT the free Reader) is flakey and causes problems within Office;
Using “Create pdf” within Adobe Acrobat will not work either (bizarre!!), but will convert hyperlinks;
Using the print driver (i.e. in Office: File/Print then in the print dialogue box chose Adobe pdf rather than your normal printer) does not work, but again will convert a hyperlink.

The only way I have found is to start Word and to use the embedded commands that Adobe forces into the toolbars. I use Adobe PDF/Convert to Adobe PDF.

This works, but you may well have trouble closing down Word afterwards due to many error messages saying your files has changed/is open by another user etc. Just keep clicking you don’t want to save changes/cancel etc. I always close down Word completely and restart it if I have played with Adobe.

It is possible someone else on this forum has found an alternative pdf maker that works (by that I mean converts TOCs etc). Please enlighten us if you have!!!

Hope this helps.


  Simsy 12:37 07 Nov 2006

in OpenOffice, and create a pdf from within OpenOffice, I think you'll find that does it... It certainly does it for hyperlinks within the document.

Good luck,



  edennorman 18:14 07 Nov 2006


What do you mean by OpenOffice?

The only links in the document are hyperlinks to websites and email address's.

Some of the hyperlinks to websites worked and so did one email address, no consistency here it seems.


P.S. I am going to try Jaws, the software reccomended in Gongoozler's dodgy video.

  Simsy 21:49 07 Nov 2006

is a free office suite...

click here



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