Links Not Linking

  User-3260B6E0-D40E-464F-B62478D4E17479D3 22:59 21 Feb 2004

Is there some reason that prevents links from working? One some websites I can click on some links and they work whilst ones that I actually want to work on the same page do not.

It is most inconvenient when trying to download drivers for instance.

Any suggestions anyone?

  Indigo 1 23:12 21 Feb 2004

Are your settings for Cookie control set too high otr is your Firewall blocking Cookies!

Well, I wondered that too. I have Norton Firewall but couldn't see how to let the downloads be enabled. I assumed that when you went to download, a prompt would appear but the link would at least work initially.

  Indigo 1 12:16 22 Feb 2004

In Internet Explorer go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy and select a lower than Medium setting, Try it off first see if that helps then gradually increase to an acceptable level.

I have mine off and just allow my Firewall (Zone Alarm) to control cookies.

  Rennaissance 12:42 22 Feb 2004

maybe the link just doesnt work, try other links on different pages which are similar to the link you want. broken links can appear sometimes.

Tried that. It didn't work. Even disabling Norton Firewall for a few seconds to try it with the cookie settings off didn't work. Neither did editing the cookie settings to allow cookie from a specific site.


I have tried sending a message to the customer support section but I never find them too quick to reply. I am trying to install a Hercules soundcard having made up a new system and I am using a Hercules [Digifire 7.1] soundcard in the hope that their support beats Creative.

I can't get the thing to work with the cd-based drivers and I can't get the download drivers to work.

Thanks anyway folks. I think I'll just have to wait and see if Guillemot's support can do something.

  Indigo 1 16:09 22 Feb 2004

You might need to do a repair of IE.

First check it with PC Pitstop If you can, they may well highlight any issues click here

The best way to fix issues is to run Browsertune 2k free online service click here

  powerless 16:14 22 Feb 2004



Paste into the address bar, remove the space after :// and click GO.

Indigo 1

The Browsertune 2k thing doesn't produce any pop-ups. My Google toolbar is set to block pop-ups but the link on the site I was on before doesn't even work with this disabled. I couldn't decide what I was supposed to do with the PC Pitstop thing because my connection basically works for uploads and downloads and its speed is fine.


I went to the site and it has the problem but the solution didn't work, I don't know how to check for the things it says to check for and the page mentions a fix for the problem but it doesn't actually give anything other than contacting MS tech support. Is this the way it has to be done?

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