Links for Legal Sample Letters

  spuds 19:23 17 Jan 2006

One for any legal boffin or anyone with an interest in law. Trying to locate any websites or downloads that cover sample documents letters for legal use here in the UK.Can you help with a link or two?

Any help, much appreciated.

  [DELETED] 19:30 17 Jan 2006

Have you looked in Google for Legal Sample Letters. Quite a number of sites but whether they are of any use or not I have no idea

  spuds 21:42 17 Jan 2006

Hamish- Checked there, nothing of much interest. Possibly the way that did the search wording!.

  [DELETED] 22:34 17 Jan 2006

Trt just Legal Sample Letters

  woodchip 23:33 17 Jan 2006
  spuds 11:36 18 Jan 2006

Thanks guys for the help. Unfortunately most of the sites that I found was in the main US laws and not UK laws.

The Insiderreports link was very good, and I have bookmarked this for future use. A UK site that I found very useful click here

Final outcome: Contacted click here ,and they have promised to locate some literature and post it on to me.

For anyone interested in legal-work, I was trying to obtain information regarding consumer law, under the title Interference of Goods Act 1977.This act basically covers storage of unwanted items and disposal of such.

Thanks again everyone for assistance given. Will tick the box as resolved. Further input welcome though.

  spuds 11:44 18 Jan 2006

Possibly worth a mention, that the Interference of Goods Act 1977 would perhaps help in resolving some of the problems aired from time to time within the forums.Especially items that are received, which are not in compliance to specifications or services offered, or ownership queries in general.

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