Links click sound in internet explorer

  joelmb 17:36 13 Feb 2004

- is there some way to switch em off in a web page using code? (i know you can turn it off in your own version of explorer, but i wondering about how to control the users click sounds on my page) reason being, i have low volume background music playing.

  Taran 18:16 13 Feb 2004

If the user has their Windows system set up to play a sound [like the default click] when they start a navigation process then there's not much you can do about it.

There are certain overrides you can perform but messing with a persons settings is not really cricket and although there are ways of doing some quite minor things, most such manipulation could be correctly termed as hacking - you'd be altering someones PC settings without their permission.

Personally I keep Windows sounds disabled apart from error alerts and I normally have the volume on almost all of my computers left on very low.

Background music of any sort on the web is one of my pet hates and is one of the reasons for my own choice of audio settings.

The short answer is no, you can't override your site visitors audio settings for standard Windows functions.

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