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  wazzaau 12:46 09 Nov 2007

Hi all
I am using netobjects fusion 7.
I have inserted a video into a web page so that when you click the mouse on the previous page it starts to play the video,however when the video gets to the end it pauses.What I want to do is have the video jump to a new page when it finishes.I don't know how to do this.
Can anyone help?

  TomLinny 13:08 15 Nov 2007

I see nobody has replied yet so ill give you a really basic way of doing this.

You could put an auto redirect in the meta tags on your page. Just set the number of seconds it should wait before redirecting to longer than the video. Of course this wont help if they pause the video but it is a basic workaround for what you are after.

Code is

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="100000;url="your url here">

  wazzaau 09:15 27 Nov 2007

Thanks TomLinny

I have managed to do what you have suggested but when the video gets to the seconds I have put in, it just replays the same clip instead of going to the page I want it to go.
It appears I am close but not quite there yet.
Any suggestions?

The code I have put in is:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="33;C:\NetObjects Fusion 7\User Sites\WAZZASDOTCOM\wazzadotcom\html\station_.html">

The page containing the clip is "html\engage"
The page to go to is "html\station"

I only changed the two words thinking that would do it

  TomLinny 15:32 30 Nov 2007

try this. Just change to be your full url of the page you want to go to

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="33; url=click here">

make sure you test online it might not work offline depending on your security settings on your machine.

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