linking video camera to computer

  shigthicko 18:14 12 May 2003

hi all i have a thomson digital video camera and have recently purchase a firewire port so i can copy my vidios on to cds , the video comes through the firewire into my software programe but minus sound,there is also no sound when i play it through windows movie player there is no instructions with video camera on how to set up to the computer and i haven't got any information reguarding this with my computer can any one help i am a novice so will need help in plain english or can you recomend a good site that will learn me how to set my video camera up to the computer

  NotsoNewuser 21:26 12 May 2003

Are there any check boxes in your editing software for making choices such as for sound?

  LAP 22:54 12 May 2003

Hi shigthicko, I use a Sony digital camera via a firewire port and download this to windows movie maker 2. I to am a beginner but have had no problems with the sound. Re NotsoNewuser's suggestion I have looked at win movie maker 2 and have found nowhere you can 'check boxes' etc. that would cause this problem. Is this the system you are using?

One thing, without being rude are you sure the sound is there i.e. recorded by your camera in the first place. With my camera I can play back video and audio from the actual camera can you?
.. Lap..

  shigthicko 23:55 12 May 2003

i am a thicko no there is no boxes for sound to tick and i checked my sound card is working properly , yes there is sound coming from the camera you can hear it but when you play it on computer there is none but i recorded it through movie maker and guess what when you play it back the sound is there so problem solved but there is something else i wonder if you can help with the picture quality looks poor compared to he camera can you sujest a good software program as i want to save them onto cds when i have edited them
thank you for your help both of you much appreciated.

  y_not 06:52 13 May 2003

The file is stored as an AVI file (usually very large files and a bit "blocky").

To improve the quality and allow you to record the file to CD (for playback on a DVD player) you would need to encode the file to MPEG2 format.

(This is as plain as the English can get!)

I don't use XP so I don't know if the moviemaker has encoding software built in. If not TMPGEnc offer a free download of an encoding program.

For more detailed info on the subject this forum can be really helpful click here

  krall 11:01 13 May 2003

Besides the firewire cable you need to connect the audio cable between camera and PC.

  Bagsey 13:15 13 May 2003

I dont have to use a separate audio line with my camera just the firewire and I get audio captured at the same time. Is this not common???

  shigthicko 22:58 13 May 2003

thank you y-not the site you sujested looks very helpful i have added it to my favourites for further help.
maybe you need audio cable to hear sound straight from your video camera has i still don't get sound coming through while i play it but it is there when i record it.
the audio cable you use krall do you have to buy a special one to fit the computer sound card as the ones we have with the camera don't fit my sound card?

  woodchip 23:19 13 May 2003

I just use a Win PCI Happauge TV Card, and connect to arial socket

  woodchip 23:20 13 May 2003


  shigthicko 23:31 13 May 2003

wood chip
that is what i tried first off but was told by a computer buff that you got a better quality if you used a firewire as you wouldn't get digital quality with hauppauge tv but i had no sound on that either when video camera was plugged in.

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