Linking two PCs

  Severn Bore 16:00 17 Jun 2007

I am thinking about buying a second PC to link to my existing one in order to gain a performance boost.Can anyone please tell me if this is possible and if so how the linkage is achieved?

  howard64 16:09 17 Jun 2007

if in the same room you can simply get a crossover cable and plug in to the rj45 sockets which most pcs come with these days. If the pc does not have one a network interface card can be bought for about £10. You then have to set up internet connection sharing. When you have the bits post back for instructions. If you have an adsl router then a simple patch cable can be used to connect the router and pc. If in another room a wireless router could be your best bet.

  uesquebeathus 16:19 17 Jun 2007

there are several ways to join computers,
parallel cables, network hubs or routers, which can be wired or wireless.null modem cables,
A lot depends on how far they are from each other, what you actually want to transfer between each computer, just data, or internet, or every thing possible. another thing is the cost it can be from about £10 or less just for a cable to £100 plus for network routers,cards cables or wireless devices.
click on the Networking Forum for some guides.
or here for more info
click here
for a very simple networking software that works then try the 30 day trial of Network Magic from here
click here
the web site also has a few helpful tips and guides.see list "Top Home Networking Hassles Network Magic Solves"

  woodchip 16:58 17 Jun 2007

You cannot get a performance boost by linking two computer.

  woodchip 17:00 17 Jun 2007

Its easy to link computers I have a USB Bridging Cable to shair files, but I no longer use it as I Networked all three of my comps with Router

  Severn Bore 21:05 17 Jun 2007

Thanks for advice received so far. However, I do not simply want to share data between the two PCs. I was hoping that the two processors could, in effect, be combined to increase the overall processing power. According to Woodchip that is not possible, so am I seeking the impossible?

  Scabby 21:11 17 Jun 2007

Buy a apple G7. They got one in america set up and I think it has 540 G7's linked into one giant SUPER COMPUTER!
I saw a prog on it the other night, few what a beast!

  woodchip 21:13 17 Jun 2007

You need a better computer

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