Linking printer wirelessly to Belkin print server

  arbez 22:02 01 Feb 2009

I have a new Kodak ESP3 All-in-one printer/scanner, and I am wondering if it is actually wireless-enabled, as I have followed all the instructions, but the server doesn't seem to be able to find it. I have a Dell wireless-enabled laptop,with Windows XP Home (SP2) and the print server is a Belkin G. Very grateful if anyone help please?

  ambra4 23:56 01 Feb 2009

You need to get the Option Bluetooth Adapter before it can print wireless

KODAK Wireless 2.0 USB BLUETOOTH® Adapter

click here

The Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One printer allows you to print wireless from a Bluetooth device only

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that allows wireless connectivity between electronic devices.

Bluetooth connectivity is supported using an optional Kodak USB Bluetooth Adapter that

accepts JPEG/EXIF image file types.

Page 20 in the User Manual

To enable Bluetooth wireless connectivity, plug your Kodak Bluetooth Adapter into the front

USB port.

When a Bluetooth device is connected and actively printing the only other functions available

are On/Off and Cancel.

When connected, you can send pictures from your Bluetooth device.

Your Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One printer supports connection to only one Bluetooth device at a

time and has an 8 MB file size limitation.

KODAK Wireless Accessories

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  arbez 01:12 02 Feb 2009

Thank you for your comprehensive reply. Does this mean that I didn't need the Belkin print server? Do bluetooth adaptors have to be 'installed and set up' like the print server? (All I want to do really is print from my computer,with the printer at the opposite side of the room, or perhaps in another room.)

  ambra4 02:53 02 Feb 2009

Does this mean that I didn't need the Belkin print server?

Is the printer server wireless?

If it is than there is no need to get the KODAK bluetooth adapter

Just hard wire the printer to the server and set up the server to allow access to the printer from

your computer

If you get the KODAK Wireless 2.0 USB BLUETOOTH® Adapter

You would need to get a bluetooth adapter if your computer doesn’t have bluetooth installed

with a Max Range of 100 m indoor which will allow you to print from the next room if required

Belkin Bluetooth Adapter

click here

Once you have installed the bluetooth software on the computer you will than have to scan for

the device and pair the two devices, the manual will tell you how to pair the devices

  ambra4 02:57 02 Feb 2009

Is this the Belkin Wireless G Print Server that you have?

click here

  arbez 23:39 02 Feb 2009

(Is this the Belkin Wireless G Print Server that you have?")
Ambra4 - Sorry, had to go to bed last night. and have only just spotted your question. No, it's on the same site (don't know how to post a link), but it's the Belkin Wireless G All-in-one Print Server
£48.32. And sorry again, I'l have to look up the forum tomorrow afternoon - if you have the patience to bear with me!

  ambra4 02:05 03 Feb 2009

There is no need to get the bluetooth adapter to make your printer wireless you can use the

Belkin Wireless G All-In-One Print Server

The Print Server is very easy to install that you’ll be printing in minutes.

Simply connect your Print Server to one of the port on your Wireless modem/Router via a

Ethernet cable power it up and run the Installation CD.

When requested attach your USB printer to the Print Server USB port and load the printer drivers

onto your computer.

The installation manual is on the CD take a read first

  ambra4 02:09 03 Feb 2009

To post a link just copy the URL address in the browser and add to your posting

  arbez 18:28 03 Feb 2009

Thanks Ambra4, at least I now know I've not got to spend any more money!
I have previously done the installation, all went well, until the finish, when the 'Server List' window showed no name. I uninstalled the server and the printer, and reset the print server to factory default. However, it was very late at night. What I'm not sure about is that in the Manual 4.1 "Note: for installing the server it says 'some printers require users to install drivers/utilities BEFORE connecting the printer to the computer,others to connect DURING installation.' I can't find anything in the printer's manual to advise about this.

  ambra4 18:52 03 Feb 2009

The best way is to install the software first and the software will tell you when to connect the USB printer

  arbez 19:09 03 Feb 2009

I'll uninstall both the printer and printer server
then, and try again. Thank you for your patience,

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