Linking my PC to Sky Plus

  suburban train 19:15 13 Feb 2006

I am considering purchasing sky plus as i like the idea of recording programs to the hard drive of the box and then having the option to burn to DVD.

As I have already a dvd burner on my pc i dont really want to invest into a dvd burner package to sit with my TV/ Video etc

Is there away in which the sky plus box and linked somehow to the pc to allowing copying on to the dvd to take place?

  AragornUK 20:43 13 Feb 2006

The easiest way is to attach an RF cable from the SKY+ 'location 2' outlet and feed it to a TV capture card on your PC. One that has record capabilities in the software obviously. All programs will have to be copied across in real time. So a 2 hour program will take 2 hours to copy across. There are quite a fewMPEG editors out there that will let you edit the resulting file and cut out ads etc.

You will need to go into SERVICES then press a combination of buttons to launch the installer menu and activate the "power" on the RF sockets. If you decide to go this way I'll post the buttons later.

You could, I assume, use a SCART to AV box, then S-Video out to PC if you capture device has S-Video for a better quality picture, but bear in mind that the easiest way to get signals to another room is via a cable. You CAN use a wireless sender unit too, as long as your capture card has an input for the output of the sender.

Alternatively, although not ideal, ASDA are doing a cheap and cheerful DVD+RW recorder for £68 these days. Does the job for quick backups, but editing the VOB (dvd) files is a bit trickier.

  Jaro 20:50 13 Feb 2006


  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:55 13 Feb 2006

if so, TiVo+cachecard will do all you want...

  suburban train 19:28 16 Feb 2006

Sorry not been here sonner Thanks for your help.

Could you please tell me how the TiVo+cachecard works i cant seem to find one.

I think i'll just purchase a dvd-rw when they come down in the price.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 19:50 16 Feb 2006

if you don't know what TiVo is, think sky+ but good :)

A cachecard is just a network card you fit to the tivo to allow it to communicate with a PC. You can either wire it to a PC (whereby it will transfer files at 100mb/s) or connect to a bridge to transfer at speeds matching your wireless network (if you have one) or whatever the bridge will support.

Etivo is freebie software that sits on your PC and ftps files from the tivo and then reencodes them from .ty to .wmv or .divx(?)

Unfortunately they are no longer available new in this country so they either come from ebay or click here or click here

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