Linking Linksys Modem and Router issues

  rupie 19:52 31 Aug 2008

I have a linksys ADSL modem which is my way of connecting to the internet, It needs to then link into a Linksys wireless G router for me to connect all my stuff into. I can connect the modem directly to the computer fine but cannot connect the modem to the computer through the router. The router instructions tell me to have the modem IP as and the router as Both are set to DCHP assigning and every time I follow the instructions the router says it looses the connection to the internet and the modem may need restarting but this makes no difference, at the end of the setup, and I cannot get to see it. All firewalls are off.

  Ashrich 20:07 31 Aug 2008

Try changing the modem IP to and keep the router the same as it is now .


  rupie 21:41 31 Aug 2008

It makes no difference. It was working last week and all I did was move everything from 1 room to another and plug it back in again!!!! If I try to ping the modem I get the response "Destination net unreachable" Shurely the addresses should have the same ip numbers, except the last set. I have to the modem set to dchp enabled or else I cannot configure it to start and then surely the router creates a conflict or something ? by trying to create its own range when you plug that in.

  brundle 22:06 31 Aug 2008

Leave the addresses as they are. Plug modem into router. Access router configuration page. What does the IP address/Subnet/Gateway field say?

  rupie 22:27 31 Aug 2008

The modem IP is 192.168.0 Subnet
The router ip is Subnet
In the advanced routing of both units the operation mode is set to Gateway and not router. Both DCHP servers are enabled The modem 2-255 and the router 100-200. These setting are after resets and following the set up wizards. There ere no other gateway fields on view

  brundle 22:43 31 Aug 2008

I'm not very familiar with Linksys routers but your router should be acting as a router /and/ a gateway, with a default gateway pointing to your modem IP address - that information is usually supplied by DHCP. So if any PC wants to contact the internet, the router will send that packet to the default gateway (modem) rather than trying to send it to a computer connected to the LAN. Can you give model numbers for your kit?

  rupie 22:47 31 Aug 2008

ADSL Modem AM200 Router WRT54gs
According to the paperwork you set the modem to the address but on the linksys web help it is the router you change ??

  brundle 23:05 31 Aug 2008

OK either would work - go with that.
I got the manual and I found the page you're probably looking at with the Gateway selection. Create a new static route. Set the Destination LAN IP to the IP address your modem has picked up from your ISP. Subnet mask, Default Gateway = your modem's 192.etc address. I'm not sure about the first one, it might work if you set both that and default gateway to the modem's address - you may need to experiment.

  rupie 01:43 01 Sep 2008

Well I have been working on this problem for most of the day and night. I cannot Find a solution to it at all. I have upgraded firmware and changed all cables. All of the Linksys forum sites say this is a common problem but none offer solutions that do not work for me.. The bizarre thing is that a direct connection into the computer from the modem is fine but put the router in the way and you get nothing, even if all the status light are correct. I have cloned the Mac address, done Hard resets on everything. I am using both Linksys modem and routers, which you would have thought would be compatible. There are TONS of other forums with people with the same problem. I wonder if it is worth the People at PCadvisor looking into it...

  brundle 19:49 01 Sep 2008

Hard to troubleshoot via a forum - are you using a straight-through cable between modem & router and a crossover between router & PC(s)? Can you connect to other computers on your LAN if you plug in the router but not the internet connection from the modem? The modem must be in a different subnet to the router ( and your router must see that address as the gateway - if DHCP is on, your computer(s) should be seeing the router IP address as the gateway.

  rupie 20:16 01 Sep 2008

To be honest if you go to the following forum on the linksys own site then you will see that there seem to be many people with problems. I followed all the advise and suggestons from there last night and even linksys do not seem to want to get involved.

click here

The 1 thing that the people on that forum and I have in common is that we all had it working and then 1 day they stopped and now cannot get it working again.

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