Linking laptop to pc

  Tony-1356181 18:33 25 May 2009

I bought two Belkin Wireless G Network Adaptors from PC World, thinking that I could connect my laptop to my pc in ad-hoc (peer to peer) mode. I followed the setup instructions for installing, but whilst I can see both adapters flashing their lights when trying to find each other, they both report failing to find a network.
I've only ever networked PCs via the serial port before, (quite a long time ago) using something that was going at the time called "The $25 Network". Very slow, but that was back in Windows 3.1 days.
This wireless technology is completely new to me. Any help greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 20:58 25 May 2009

Setting up an Ad Hoc wireless network with XP click here

Setting up an Ad Hoc wireless network with Vista click here

  Tony-1356181 00:11 26 May 2009

Many thanks for that information mgmcc. I have both PC and laptop set up now, network running and new drives mapped on both for file sharing.
The only problem that I have now is Windows Firewall. It wanted this turned on to allow file and printer sharing, but I had previously always had it turned off, so as not to conflict with my McAfee Firewall. Is there a way that I can have Windows Firewall turned off and still enable file and printer sharing, or can I run both Windows and McAfee firewalls together without any problems ?

  mgmcc 07:51 26 May 2009

I have never used the Windows Firewall in any of my PCs (I use Zone Alarm) and disabling Windows Firewall hasn't caused a problem when running an Ad Hoc wireless network.

I suspect you may have run the networking wizard to set up the File & Printer Sharing and this has configured the Windows Firewall. I never use the wizard, I just right click the folders I want to have available over the network and select the option to share. Just disable the Windows Firewall again.

  Tony-1356181 23:32 27 May 2009

That's great. Once again many thanks for your help.

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