linking desktop to laptop

  filthyphil 18:42 02 Jun 2006

my kids are always complaining that they have to share the desktop top use msn messenger now i have a laptop that is available, is ther anyway of connecting the laptop to the pc so they both can use broadband and internet services or do i need another bb connection?? my laptop is quite old 600mhz celleron. what gear will i need to get??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 02 Jun 2006

How are you connected now? ADSL modem or modem router?

If USB modem then share internet connection with either network crossover cable (both in same room but cheapest option £5 for cable)

wireless adaptors (laptop can be in another room)
wirelss card in desktop (or usb wireless adaptor). wireless adaptor in laptop (if laptop not wireless already).
USB wireless adaptors £20 each just plug in spare port.
These set ups mean desktop has to be on before laptop can connect.

ADSL modem router means laptop can work direct from router even if desktop switched off.
Need router = wireless cards as above

  ade.h 18:58 02 Jun 2006

This is a networking issue really click here

You ideally need a router (ad-hoc is possible but can be less than perfect). Respond here if you want to know more specifics.

  ade.h 18:59 02 Jun 2006

Fruitbat types quicker (as usual!)

  Charence 19:05 02 Jun 2006

You'll need to get a router so the internet connection can be shared on the two computers. Check if your desktop and laptop already have network cards.

You can either choose to install a wired network or a wireless network.

click here - Router - £24.21
click here - USB Network Adapter (desktop or laptop) - £7.41
click here - PCI Network Card (desktop) - £2.99
click here - PCMCIA Network Card (laptop) - £8.99
click here - Network Cable

click here - Wireless Router - £51.99
click here - USB Network Adapter (works with desktop & laptop) - £16.94
click here - PCI Network Card (desktop) - £17.25
click here - PCMCIA Network Card (laptop) - £16.53

Most computers already have network cards installed. I have provided links to several products, each computer only needs one network card/adapter and only one router is required for the entire network.

  kjrider 19:35 02 Jun 2006

Charence has given a good guide.

Don't worry about it being old and 600Mhz - my laptop is only 300Mhz & all works fine with network, USB or WiF cards.

Have fun.

  filthyphil 11:06 03 Jun 2006

i am with NTL and the modem? is connected to my PC with ethernet connection not usb will i still be able to share bb between the two?? if so how?? thanks for the info so far..

  Legolas 14:16 03 Jun 2006

I am with NTL BB and share my laptop wirelessly. Buy a Cable router Mine is a lynks if your laptop is not already wireless enabled you will need a laptop wireless card mine was already installed so I dont know much about them someone else can give you advice on that

  Legolas 14:17 03 Jun 2006

Sorry should also have said mine is conneted by ethernet as well

  Legolas 14:24 03 Jun 2006

click here Just has a look and if your laptop is not already wireless enabled this is a good deal a cable router and USB adaptor for your laptop.

  filthyphil 12:16 26 Jun 2006

hi i have been looking in novatech and if i buy Buffalo Wireless 802.11G Cable/DSL Router will this be enough for the pc? what else will i need to get for the laptop?

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