Linking Computers

  Tikka 11:31 26 Apr 2006

I propse to link 2 computers (both W XP) using an Ethernet cable. However one computer utilises its ethernet socket to link to NTL Broadband. Is there a way round this or do I need another ethernet card.

I can if necessary just swop connections when I want to transfer data but would prefer to avoid this.

  Devil Fish 12:14 26 Apr 2006

yes you would need another card swapping over is not quite that simple you would need to adjust tcp/ip settings ip address and so forth each time also you would need a crossover cable to direct link the 2 machines

it may be woth looking at cable routers prices are falling it would allow indepentant use of the intenet by each machine file printer sharing etc

i dont have ntl myself so someone who does maybe able to advise you better as to which router

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