Linking blogs to web site to drive traffic...

  nick_j007 13:45 01 Jan 2009

Hello all.

I work in a fairly specialised industry, and am currently ranked at about 3rd or 4th for my favourite term 'dog behaviour' and 'dog behaviourist' on Google.

I have done this through my own SEO, and just try to keep things as simple as I can.

I started a new Blog in November/December last year, and like doing it. I ought to remind myself though that the root reason for getting it going was to enhance my credibility and web rankings.

I shall post links to both below, but how do I best ensure that my Blog is getting people to my main site?

Ultimately I need enquiries which normally come via my web site, and the enquiries convert to jobs.

It works pretty well already, but would welcome a greater enquiry rate into the future :)

click here
click here

Best wishes and thanks.


  Kemistri 18:25 01 Jan 2009

To drive traffic and make your blog more likely to be found, you should make full use of blog directories and tagging services. You haven't mentioned whether you are already doing anything like that but I didn't see any tagging options on your blog. Provide RSS as well if possible. Above all, keep it interesting and different and always write for your readers, not just for you.

Do some research into the potential of contributing to specialist wikis and/or lenses (see Squidoo for example).

Your specialisation is advantageous, so make the most of it. Submit articles online (article repositories) and offline (magazines and journals, etc.) and keep up with carefully targeted link submissions. I noticed that your site includes articles, which are obviously good for varying the content, but are also useful for deep linking.

  Forum Editor 14:09 04 Jan 2009

particularly the part that says you should always blog for your readers, and not for yourself. Your field is ripe for exploitation via the web because of its specialised nature - it's the kind of thing that people will search for via the internet, but your market size is going to be small in internet terms. Basically you're fishing for a small shoal in a big lake, and the bait has to be dead right.

Profile-raising is the order of the day, and again I agree with Kemistri about the value of writing - get your name and your work out there in as many appropriate ways as possible.

You didn't ask, but perhaps I can volunteer a couple of points about your site/blogspot.

1. Although I tried fairly hard I couldn't find out where you are. If I had a dog, and I needed your help that would be the very first thing I would want to know. Your home page is your shop window, and it should behave like one. It should show visitors what you're selling, and be inviting enough to make them want to come inside. What I don't want on a homepage is a welter of text and information that would be better on an inside page. Try to get a total stranger to look at your site before you publish it, and ask for frank comments - they'll see it as a visitor will, rather than as you see it. It's always the creator who misses the points which are so obvious to others.

2. That image on your blogspot is superb, but for one thing - it would make a great ad for the car's rear lamp cluster. The lights are totally distracting, and I would be doing some cropping. The image should be on your site's homepage with a simple strapline - it tells the story very powerfully.

3. White text on a black ground is never a good idea on a site which is intended primarily for reading. It's tiring on the eye, and many people (me included) simply will not bother with it.

  nick_j007 15:27 04 Jan 2009

Thank you both.

I have added an RSS facility :)

I have been following some other points made at click here and hope to implement some of this in the new year.

I already write for a couple of online sources regularly, and Dogs Monthly, so I do what I can...though to do more wouldn't hurt!

1) I shall scan through my home page thanks F.E.
I elaborate on areas about 2/3rds down the home page. My coverage is pretty big (up to 200 miles from the Midlands) so I'm not 'that' local, though I accept your point :)
About 60& of my work comes from this site so it is doing well, I want it to do even better this year.

2) Yes, I see your point re the lamps on the car! I shall draw a gradient across it to darken it down. Cropping will be addressed also.

* Do you feel it would be a better image on my main web home page than is currently there? *

3) White on black. I hear you. A shame, as I thought it looked 'classy'. I shall visit that in the near future to see what else I can do. Black on white then?

A question please.
How can I best link my blog to my main site so that in effect the main benefit of the blog is to drive more traffic (and hence more enquiries) to my main site?

Sincere thanks as always.


  nick_j007 17:21 04 Jan 2009

click here

Is that more agreeable?

How about the link colours? Any further suggestions there?

Is my main image too big? Loads quickly enough though.

Thank you.

  nick_j007 21:05 08 Jan 2009

Any feedback since my changes please?

How do I change the size of the text across my face on top of page? No obvious settings to do so.

There is an option to edit HTML, but not at all sure what to change and where.

Thank you.

  Kemistri 02:18 10 Jan 2009

Re: your last question.

I assume (esp. with the reference to settings) that you are using the Wordpress software to build this, in addition to the use of a template?

If so, I can't advise you (the only off-the-peg CMS that I have ever bothered with is Drupal) except to point you in the direction of the Wordpress documentation: click here. If your desired changes are possible, that should tell you how to do it.

As for feedback... Well, it's just another identi-kit blog template, no more and no less. Honest and easy to use, but very much over used in the blogosphere. The grey bg is much easier on the eye than your previous choice of black, though. You might want to find out why the first image is creeping out of its border - probably easily fixed.

  Kemistri 02:21 10 Jan 2009

Oh, and yeah, that image is definitely too big. It will overflow most viewports.

  nick_j007 12:49 10 Jan 2009


I simply use the options available on the Blogger site for assembling and use of the Blog.

I shall further reduce the first image thanks.

I can't see any creeping out of the border, though I use I.E. 6.

What browser do you view it with please?



  Kemistri 13:31 10 Jan 2009


Develop in a compliant browser; debug in the rest. That's the golden rule. IE6 was a long, long way from compliant. IE7 is still not there. IE8 might be....

  nick_j007 14:06 10 Jan 2009

Interesting thanks.

Do you strongly suggest I get updated?

I don't actually like ie7 tbh.


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