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I have separate windows that pop-up with odd item (photos etc), but what I am trying to do is create a pop up window that will contain several links. When these links are clicked on, I want the new page to open in the original window, so that the pop up can stay for as long as the visitor needs it. I know it's possible with frames, but is it possible in a non frame site?

Cheers, Whiz...

  harristweed 11:08 07 Sep 2003

It may be possible, but is definitely beyond me.

Links will open by default the the window that calls, them unless re-directed with target="_blank" etc.

The problem is to return to a previous page, easy with java in the same window "onClick=history.go(-1)" but this is the first page in the the pop up window - so that won't work.

Closing the Pop up will return focus to the calling window, but how then can a link be passed?

I would be interested to learn if you solve this one Barry. 11:22 07 Sep 2003

as I will be! Thanks for your response harristweed. If I dont get a solution I will reluctantly use the target=_blank. I would rather not clutter the users screen with unnecessary windows but I cant think of another way.

Hopefully someone like Taran will be able to help. Thanks anyway, Whiz... 01:45 08 Sep 2003


  Taran 08:01 08 Sep 2003

Yes, it is possible.

A couple of things spring to mind here though.

Many people use pop-up killers, which will completely mess up your navigation and prevent them from ever seeing your links unless you use some VERY serious JavaScripting or go with an alternative menu system - perhaps PHP.

Coding to bypass the standard methods of pop-up detection employed by most pop-up killers is a bit of a chore, but is certainly possible (which just goes to show to me how virtually useless said pop-up killers are in general) but as I've said, you open up a can of worms where some browsers will 'see' your pop up menu while others will not.

I recently tested some of the Java and DHTML menu builders currently out there and was appalled that the claims made for browser compatibility were not as you might expect under normal testing conditions.

You can code a pop-up menu to close its own window and target your main or currently open browser window for the linked page to load up in when you click on one of the links. That's not the issue here though. What you need to ask yourself is whether you want to risk a navigation system that most of your site visitors may be able to see and use, but that some of them will not have available at all.

If you want to proceed, get back to me in here and I'll walk you through it.


Taran 10:17 08 Sep 2003

I realise that pop up stoppers will interfere, but as I have many pop ups on my site I inform visitors that if they encounter problems it is advisable to disable it, as I do not allow pop up ads on the site anyway.
If I explain exactly what I want to do, it may help you.
If I add any more links to my sub-menus they will end up ridiculously long. I thought that if I could link to a small window containing an alphabetical index of items not on the sub menu they could click on these links and still keep the small window handy if they needed it again.

If I use the target=_blank method they could end up with half a dozen windows on the go. If I just use a normal window it means that they have to return to the index page every time they wish to use it.

NOF has the facility for a site map, but with 150 pages so far, it is too cramped to be of any use. Also, some of the links need to be anchored to specific parts of a page rather than the whole page, and the site map method just links to pages.

I hope this is clear enough for you (I just read it through and even confused myself) if not, let me know.

Cheers Whiz...

  Taran 10:35 08 Sep 2003

Ah, that does help and it isn't as confusing as you might have thought.

150 pages ?

Wow !

A couple of questions for you.

1. Does you host support sub-webs ?

2. Have you ever dallied with MySQL and does your host support it ?

3. Is the site likely to get much larger ?

4. Can I have the URL of the site please ?

5. Who invented liquid soap and why ?


The answer to the last one is optional, but the first few could prove crucial.

Once you get over a certain number of pages, it becomes a very serious consideration to have a few template pages on your site and load content into them from an online database. This way, a 150 page site could realistically be a 5 or 6 page site and every hyperlink loads text, images and so on into one of the template pages.

This is not ideal for everyone and has a steep learning curve, but the payoffs are obvious. If we ignore it for now though in favour of a manageable HTML document solution we should be on safe ground for you.

If you give me the URL of your site, I might be able to come up with something far less intimidating and more browser friendly than pop-up this, that and the other.

Oh, one more thing, if I need to, do you have any objection to me importing your site ?

Think carefully about it before answering.

Remember your available monthly bandwidth allowance for a start. If the site is large I may take a good chunk out of your bandwidth by downloading it. There are also other considerations for you, including copyright ownerships and similar but I can promise you one thing - I shan't nick your designs or layout ideas.



Taran 12:21 08 Sep 2003

Many of the pages are simply a single image pop up, so realy aren't actual web pages.

1) Oneandone have sub-domains, (I have five with my package that I dont use) I dont know if this is what you mean.

2) I believe it does, but I am a complete novice with HTML, let alone that.

3) As time goes by, yes

5) click here

6) No idea

As far as the download goes, I only have 3000MB per month and I recently uploaded another site to share it. I didn't think I would cause all this bother (I was thinking more of a line of javascript) that shows how much of a novice I am!

Wont be back on line till late evening now.
Cheers, Whiz...

  Taran 12:52 08 Sep 2003

JavaScript is one possible solution, but coding a JavaScript popup that will not be killed by pop-up killers, that will contain live links to other pages, and that will close and target the link clicked to load into the original browser window is not your standard run of the mill scripting.

I'll have a think and see what comes of it (on a weekday too...)


T 23:29 09 Sep 2003

bit busy last night.

I am not really bothered about bypassing pop up stoppers, as this is up to the visitor to turn it off.

Dont know if this will help you (by viewing the source code) but I have put a site map temporarily on the home page. If you try it, you will see that it does exactly what I need, but I dont want the 'tree', just links chosen by me.

I will leave it there until I hear from you then delete it, as some of my page names are not the same as their titles so it may confuse visitors who use it.

Cheers, Whiz... 02:14 10 Sep 2003


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