Link on PCA posted has changed to another site.

  mooly 07:50 28 Apr 2010

Posted a link to "Treesize" yesterday from jamsoftware... and tested the link when I posted the reply... it was fine.
Just tried it again today (to look at something) and it comes up with the correct address at the bottom left when I hover cursor over it but takes me to another site (

The thread and link is here, post #11
click here

Does it do the same for you ? What has happened.

  hastelloy 08:10 28 Apr 2010

Your link takes me to as well.

  mooly 08:11 28 Apr 2010

Very strange... it didn't do yesterday.

  birdface 08:16 28 Apr 2010

It takes me to a link in Absslute Beginners.

  mgmcc 08:16 28 Apr 2010

Takes me to avangate too, but if you remove \freeware\ from the URL, it does go to jam-software's homepage.

  mooly 08:25 28 Apr 2010

Well I'm posting the treesize link again here to see what happens
click here

Buteman... post number 11 in the absolute beginners thread :)

Here goes, I'll test it straight away.

  mooly 08:26 28 Apr 2010

And it take me to Avangate...

  birdface 08:27 28 Apr 2010

Number 11 and latest click here takes me to Avangate.

  mooly 08:33 28 Apr 2010

OK... I have never had this happen before.

I go to Jam softwares homepage (via google) and copy and paste the link (as normal) into the thread. And it doesn't work... it's redirecting to Avangate.

If I paste that same address directly into the top line of browser it opens Jams homepage.

So why does this one ? link not paste correctly.

  mooly 08:37 28 Apr 2010

This is what I see when I hover cursor over faulty link (shows at the bottom left of screen in IE8)and which goes to Avangate.
click here

If I paste that same address in the browser it goes to Jam.

  mooly 08:38 28 Apr 2010

Lol... it's turned the above into a clicky. You know what I mean :)

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