Link to partition software please

  bumpkin 19:09 14 Sep 2012

Hi, can someone just give me a link to some good free partitioning software please, everything I try wants to download everthing apart from what I want or it`s a demo or says free then asks for license key or does not work.



  chub_tor 19:14 14 Sep 2012
  Nontek 19:19 14 Sep 2012

I think this is still available...

But you may have to be quick.

  Nontek 19:24 14 Sep 2012

Just checked, it is still available - go for it! Giveaway of the day!

  bumpkin 19:45 14 Sep 2012


I followed the links but I cant see how to download it, downloads just about everything else that I dont want, can you help.


  rdave13 19:47 14 Sep 2012
  Nontek 19:58 14 Sep 2012

click on Proceed to Download,

Then follow the prompts.

  Nontek 20:00 14 Sep 2012
  bumpkin 20:48 14 Sep 2012

Hi, sorry for the slow reply, lots of problems now. I made some alterations using Partition Wizard, making partition sizes bigger using unallocated space. Told me to reboot to save changes which I did but now it wont boot anymore not even in safe mode. The pc will boot from my backup drive but cannot even see the other drive anymore. I have had to make this posting on another PC. Any suggestions the last thing I want is a reinstall.

Thanks Ray

  rdave13 21:00 14 Sep 2012

Have you got an image of the C: drive?

  bumpkin 21:29 14 Sep 2012

No, I have a copy ie clone but this a fews days old and I have done a lot since then (Yes I know I should backup everyday before anyone has a go:-)) I would clone this back to my original C drive but I cant as it wont see the drive.

Thanks Ray

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