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  hoopschick 23:15 24 Feb 2004

Hi, I first built my website two years ago click here - this was a well used site with over 8,000 hits but the local webspace provider had problems and although it still comes up i can't edit it (northantstoday). Therefore i built another site click here (oneandone)but this was awful in the fact that i always had problems logging on to edit it plus it was expensive so once again i built a new site click here (bravenet)which is fantastic. What i'd like to do is create a link so that should anyone go to the or .com sites they are automatically redirected to my .net site as it is confusing for members and also people who might be accessing the old sites as links from other CSC sites. Hope someone can help thank you

  Handy Spinner 15:36 25 Feb 2004 should be able to edit the forwarding page easily to point to the new one. At least, that's what I think - I don't know the ins and outs of your particular case!

  jgosden 21:17 25 Feb 2004

personally i think the site looks loads better than the .net one and bravenet are no where near as good as one and one. I would keep the .com address as .com is a better address anyway. If you own the other two then you can redirect by putting

<META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;
URL=click here."> in the head section of the page. I would still say though that your second sight is by far the best!!

  jgosden 21:26 25 Feb 2004

I am really really confused, are you really saying that you preffer the site to the site. Sorry the forum showed the above wrong do that and the put the whole sit address in the gap with the http ://www.

  Forum Editor 21:42 25 Feb 2004

that your .com site is far and away the best, but that's just my opinion.

Setting up web forwarding so that two of the domain names point to your chosen one is easy - transfere the domains to one server, and ask your host to set up forwarding. You can do it yourself with oneandone (who I use), but I'm not sure about the others.

  hoopschick 23:48 25 Feb 2004

I found the .com site difficult to log on to to update each day which is often necessary with the change in results etc also i couldn't use html to update the site it was all visual editing and i found i didn't have the freedom to put text or pictures wherever i wanted on a page- i'm a complete novice but i find it easier that way. The other thing was that the members of our club found the .com site very boring and when i could finally get on to edit it i found it very boring to do so, for example we want the site to be themed with green white and gold but the .com site was limited with both text and background colours which often stopped uploaded pictures from appearing. Thanks a lot for your help, i'll try these suggestions out shortly.

  jgosden 21:02 26 Feb 2004

if you are using oneandones basic package then no you don't get ftp however you could upgrade your account to the home package which is only another £3 a month and then you will be able to use ftp. I do see you point, however i really would not condemm your site and i wouldn't host with bravenet as the ads at the bottom get annoying. If you do decide to keep the .net site serious work is needed. The fonts should all be changed to verdana (or something like that) make sure all the pictures can be found on the homepage, sort out the menu so that the spacing isn't so random, and if possibble change the colour scheme on it as it dosn't look good. Have a think but i really like the .com site and think you should keep it

  tomleady 09:35 27 Feb 2004

the .com is miles better. if you have difficulty logging on, just put the same files into the .net one. honestly, its looks so much better

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