Link Laptop to TV via HDMI

  Border View 14:12 09 Oct 2014

I am about to link my Panasonic TV to my new laptop (Windows 7 Professional) via an HDMI cable. Is there anything I should bear in mind when doing so and what steps should I follow.

Your advice would be appreciated. Back in an hour.

  Ian in Northampton 15:24 09 Oct 2014

IIRC, it's very straightforward, with nothing likely to trip you up, so long as you set the laptop to output to an external screen via HDMI, and set the TV source to whichever HDMI port you've connected to.

  john bunyan 16:29 09 Oct 2014

I agree with Ian. When watching you may wish to , on the laptop, use full screen view with catch up, u Tube etc.

  Border View 17:56 09 Oct 2014

Thanks Ian and John.

Its amazing the progress which has been made. I started off with computers in 2001 - Evesham tank, top of the range with a 19* monitor which took two fellas to lift (been a member of PCA since then) as a consequence I have developed a fear of something is bound to go wrong. But this afternoon, I plugged the hdmi cable into the laptop then the TV (with the appropriate port engaged) and my husband said, never seen that castle (it was in fact my desktop displayed on the tv.

He then spent then next hour or so really enjoying Motogp from BT Sport on the tv rather than a laptop.

Don't you just love computers.

Thanks everyone. Just blows you away the progress we have made. All that worry for nothing.

  john bunyan 18:38 09 Oct 2014

Border View

Glad you sorted it. Decadently, I have a 10metre HDMI cable in bedroom for that TV! Also linked that one via homeplugs to router (It is a Smart TV but the wireless link is hopeless) so I can use I Player etc without laptop or tablet . I too have a Evesham desktop with NEC 19" monitor, going strong!

  Border View 21:16 09 Oct 2014

Nice one John. The hard drive went belly up on my Evesham, hence my move on. Just did not realize what a treasure of a computer I had. Screen was fantastic. Quite happy with modern technology but just does not have the same feel. Like Windows 7 tho but. Took me ages to upgrade from Windows 98 to XP. Pleased when I did. Waiting for Windows 10 now.

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