Link Laptop to a Router ( cable broadband)

  iscanut 11:19 03 May 2007

A friend of mine is not at all computer literate and wants to use laptop on existing Broadband with wireless router so laptop can be used within the house and not limited to one room. She is with Blue Yonder, now Virgin I think and has a box plugged into the cable line and then plugs a cable from the "box" into laptop. If she gets a router, what type will she need, what "dongle" to get for the laptop and will the router plug into the existing cable "box". Sorry to be vague but I have not used cable broadband and do not know how it is set up. Thanks,

  P1d 13:00 03 May 2007

I'm guessing that box that your friend is plugging her laptop into is the cable modem. If she's wanting to go wireless she will need a compatible dsl wireless router, I've included a couple of links below;

click here
click here
click here

If her laptop is wireless capable then it should connect ok, if not she will need a usb wireless dongle, examples below;

click here
click here
click here

I was browsing novatech which is why it's their links I've included, feel free to shop around but I know novatech provide a good service.

Don't forget to setup the wireless securely (that's a different thread though) once the products have been purchased.

Good luck.

  iscanut 13:04 03 May 2007

Thanks..I have broadband and am Ok with set up, protection etec, it's just the hardware required for cable that is unknown to me.

  Tim1964 23:49 03 May 2007

The only difference with a cable (Virgin/NTL/Telewest) connection is that the router needs to be a 'Cable/DSL router' and not a MODEM/Router as the modem is either in the STB already or supplied seperately.

In this case a Wireless Cale/DSL router of course.

  iscanut 16:34 05 May 2007

Forgot to ask how the router is attached to the cable modem box. Does the cable dsl router plub into the cable modem and if so, with what cable or is this supplied with the router. Sorry to be vague but have not used cable myself. Also can the router be set up via the laptop wirelessly once I have the USB dongle set up on the laptop?

  Strawballs 17:21 05 May 2007

The cable router should come with a network cable that should plug into the Lan socket on the PC and into the router which will connect to the modem with the same sort of cable, once the wireless has been setup then the cable can be disconnected and used wirelessly

click here

  iscanut 21:11 05 May 2007


  Strawballs 12:46 06 May 2007

No problem.

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