Link Buttons in Frontpage - is it possible?

  ade.h 15:36 04 Jun 2005

I have another small question about Frontpage 2000; is it possible to insert button graphics, maybe in GIF format, behind hyperlinks on a TOC frame?

I can't find any option for this specifically, other than the usual Insert Picture, Object, etc. so guess I could create some in Paint and paste them in. But is it possible to animate them so that they react like buttons when pressed? I've seen this done on other sites, but I don't know if it's beyond Frontpage's capabilities.

Many thanks for any input rec'd.

  Forum Editor 11:03 05 Jun 2005

what exactly do you mean? Why can't you simply hyperlink the button itself?

  Eric10 11:47 05 Jun 2005

I'm using Frontpage 2003 and there is is an option on the Insert menu for "Interactive Button" where you choose a button style and fill in a dialogue box for a label and to create a hyperlink. Don't you have this option?

If you don't have that option and need to do it manually and this is how it works in FP 2003 but it should be similar in FP 2000. You will have to create two versions of each button. One for the active state and one for the hover state. Insert your active button image and highlight it. Now go to Format, Behaviors and then click the Insert button and choose "Swap Image". In the next dialogue box browse to the hover version of your button and select it then tick the boxes for "Preload images" and "Restore on mouseout event" before exitting. Finally, right-click the image and create the hyperlink.

  ade.h 17:57 05 Jun 2005

Forum Ed - Apologies if my wording is innacurate; my hyperlinks are currently the usual plain text, but they could use some jazzing up. I wanted to replace them with buttons, preferably animated, with the text displayed on each button. Hence "behind the hyperlink". I'm new to website dev, so the learning curve is steep!

I wasn't sure how this could be done; whether I have to place a graphic on the TOC frame with the text links superimposed on it, or whether the text has to be incoporated into the buttons.

Eric10 - the FP2k Insert menu has Component (with a hover button option) and Form (with a push button option) neither of which seem to be what I'm after, unless I've totally failed to use these objects properly. I will try your manual instructions and see if it works in FP2k. I'll post back soon.

  ade.h 18:12 05 Jun 2005

I've had another go with the hover button option; it's not suitable, unfortunately, because it's only 2D (a 3D graphic would look a lot better) and there are only 4 font choices, none of which are used in my website.

The push button seems to be specifically for use with forms, so that's out.

I've tried Eric10's suggestion, but FP2k appears to lack the menu options that he mentions, such as Behaviours on the Format menu. I think that's probably a no-go, too. Thanks anyway.

  Djohn 18:49 05 Jun 2005

Yes, if I've understood your question correctly. You can use any piece of clipart from your collection or from the net, insert it into the page/s in 2003 and make it an hyperlink so that when you click on it, off you go to the page or site you have linked to.

Use Insert from the menu, scroll down to picture/clipart, search for and insert. then double click on the clipart and use the hyperlink option to turn it into what you require.

  Forum Editor 19:37 05 Jun 2005

you can use any object as a basis for a hyperlink - be it a single word, a block of text, an image, or a section of an image.

You can access the hyperlink option by right-clicking anywhere on your html page in FrontPage. If you want to hyperlink from an image - or an animated gif - just insert the image, right-click on it and select 'Hyperlink' from the menu that appears. Then fill in the required information in the dialogue box that appears.

  Eric10 20:28 05 Jun 2005

To make the button simulate being pressed you need to make the button images with the top and left borders of the 'active' button a lighter colour than the face while the bottom and right borders are darker. For the 'hover' button it is the reverse with the top and left borders being the darker ones and in addition the colour of the button face should be darker (as if in shade). Now when the mouse rolls over and the image is swapped it gives the impression of the button being depressed. click here(5x1131t6x6yigqo40rokvexa)/support/support_article.aspx?ParentListID=al1018&articleid=kb101596#2000 for a short tutorial on FP2000 rollovers.

  Eric10 20:31 05 Jun 2005

Sory the click me messed up. click here

  ade.h 14:21 06 Jun 2005

I played around with using my own 2 dimensional buttons (actually produced by using text boxes in Word 2000!) and then re-creating the hyperlinks for each one. The effect is pretty good, apart from lacking the animation bit, but I don't know how to create animated GIFs, so I think I'll keep it as is for now. It at least looks sufficiently professional for the site in question, which is intended to promote my company.

Thanks again for everyone's input; I'll mark this as (near enough) resolved.

  ade.h 14:22 06 Jun 2005

PS - thanks for that link Eric10; it looks quite useful.

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