Link Bar Properties and Language (UK)

  Third Hussar 12:25 20 Jul 2005

FrontPage 2002
My first attempt with web making and two aspects baffle me.
Link Bar Properties, I appreciate what they do but am unable to understand the difference, my question is; which one should I use to make a start then progress when I learn more I plan to have a total of 7 pages.
Language insists on defaulting to English United Sates and refuses to remain on English British. Under Options – General – Proxy Settings – General – Languages it states Menus and dialog boxes are currently displayed in English (United States) and I can find no means of altering this. FrontPage is part of an MS Office CD which defaults and remains on English UK in all other programmes.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

  Bagsey 13:49 20 Jul 2005

Have you tried going to Start, Control Panel, Regional and Languages Options. Click on Drop Down Arrow and Change the selection to what you want.

  Third Hussar 14:21 21 Jul 2005

Many thanks Bagsay, I tried this and it reads correctly as you suggested. Any othe rthoughts would be most welcome.
Regards AC

  Bagsey 17:17 21 Jul 2005

I find that my copy says the same but above that in the box there is the statement English UK.
If you click on ADD you should be able to find English UK in the list and click on this to add it to the box. Then remove English USA from the box. Got to be worth a try.

  ade.h 16:55 22 Jul 2005

I found the same problem with FP 2000; every webpage would default to US English until UK was selected manually, and it would sometimes revert after that. I found no obvious cure, unfortunately.

  ade.h 16:57 22 Jul 2005

I should add that Office's global settings seem to have no influence on FP, possibly a by-product of its inclusion in only the high-spec versions.

  Third Hussar 12:55 23 Jul 2005

I suspect you are right. It does show this is a most useful service. Many thnaks to all

  Third Hussar 12:40 04 Feb 2006

Help please, I am stuck with 2 matters. 1 How can I nudge a picture a tiny amount up and across?
2 I cannot add a new picture, Ok on frontpage but all I get on the web is a blank space with red cross in the corner.
Site: click here books
third hussar

  PurplePenny 20:48 04 Feb 2006

You're getting the red cross on the web because there is no SS-Cover.gif in your online images folder.

  Third Hussar 13:00 06 Feb 2006

Dear John & Purple Penny,
Very many thanks for your responses, using information from both I’m delighted to report the problem is solved.
Should anyone know how to move a picture a very slight amount all will be solved.
Regards Alan

  ade.h 13:18 06 Feb 2006

Well, I know how to do that in NOF, but it probably doesn't apply to FP; I click on the image to select it while in design view, then use the arrow keys to creep it incrementally left/right/up/down.

But like I said, that's probably not applicable! Just thought I'd mention it just in case...

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