Link 3 Pc's Together without using a Server

  mulva42 11:03 20 Nov 2003

I want to link 3 Pc's together without using a server so 3 people can access the same data.
Is peer to peer an option,If so how does this work as i'm not to sure.

  DieSse 12:25 20 Nov 2003

Peer-to-peer would be the normal way to run a small network. It simply means that all three systems are linked together to share data, printers, internet access - as required - but all of them are independant in their operations - none of them are the central repository of all the data/programs.

You need a Hub - or better, a switch - which will come with at least 4 inputs. In each computer you have a NIC (network interface card) - and a cable to the hub/switch.

Windows has all the software required to do the sharing - though it requires some setting up.

You can also do the same thing by wireless - it's more expensive, but can be more flexible.

If you want to share a broadband net access, this requires the use of a router - which can have the hub/switch built-in, whether it's cabled or wireless.

This is just a simple outline - it's not difficult, and there's tons of information about how to do it on the web.

  DieSse 12:36 20 Nov 2003

PS - it depends a lot on what data you want to have shared - for instance, WP files and thelike are no problem - sharing Outlook data is a different kettle of fish entirely.

  mulva42 12:49 20 Nov 2003

Thank You for your help.
This more than answers my Question.

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