podlod 07:45 06 Oct 2006

Hi, I wonder if someone can help me out in the fact that sometimes I wish to send somebody a Link to a website, or even link a photo to a website from my email, but I am not sure on how to carry this out, could somebody tell me how, thanks.

  Ollyolly 08:02 06 Oct 2006

Right click the item you wish to send.
From the drop down menu left click 'send to', then left click 'mail recipient'.
An e-mail page should open for you to write a message and the selected file will already be attached.

  VoG II 09:32 06 Oct 2006

Highlight the web address in the address bar. Press CTRL + C to copy it. In your mail message press CTRL + V to paste it in.

  podlod 10:41 06 Oct 2006

Well thanks Olly & Vog, I will give it a go and I am sure it will work, Thanks again!!

  podlod 13:16 07 Oct 2006

Hi thanks for the info, but I want to send a link to you guys to this helproom a message i got from microsoft regarding my pc crashing sometimes, only there is an explanation I dont quite understand ???

  VoG II 13:17 07 Oct 2006

Just copy the address and paste it here. It will turn into a 'click here' after you have posted.

  podlod 08:32 09 Oct 2006

Hi all, Thanks for your response to my prob, but I still cant manage to insert the microsoft reply I want to show you in the box here so you can read it, its all ready to go in but I somehow am doing something wrong. Sorry to be vague on this prob but as you now can see I am not a pc buff, I am still learning?

  Andsome 08:54 09 Oct 2006

If you bring the website in question up on your screen, then right click with the pointer in the actual address bar, right at the top, alongside the word address, this line will turn blue and you will get a drop down selection menu. Select COPY, then in the body of your e mail right click and select PASTE. This will then show the address that you have copied. This will change into an actual link only when you send the e mail. You will find that if you click the link before you send the e mail then nothing will happen, but if you look at the sent e mail in your sent folder, and click on the link, it has become active and will take you to the web page. I hope that this is clear.

  podlod 11:17 09 Oct 2006

Hi Andsome again, well I have tried doing what you advised and I sent the email, but it has not arrived here, It has gone somewhere on pc world, but where???? What you said was clear, but its just my brain that is not clear, but I will keep on trying,

  GroupFC 11:37 09 Oct 2006

"a message i got from microsoft" - is this an e-mail you got from Microsft? If so you won't be able to make a link here to it.

The way to get the message shown here, would be to open the e-mail and go edit>select all and then edit>copy and then come to the response box here and edit>paste.

Or have I totally misunderstood what you are trying to do?

  podlod 11:52 09 Oct 2006

Well this is it if it works, and I have downloaded the driver but its the other explanation I want to know in laymans terms so I can explain to the french PC engineer what the prob is. And can you please tell me that if I download the same driver twice, does that mean i have twice as many MB than I need, or does it compensate for the driver I dont need???

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