liney 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 Sb Monitor

  benloui 19:02 24 Mar 2004

told a friend to buy best buy PC from superbudget chart namely Microland Tech AD 103.01, comes with 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB monitor. Great system but monitor has two very obvious fine lines on the screen one about 2" from the top and the other about 2" from the bottom. According to the very unhelpful and slow two answer Microland support that these lines are normal and every monitor of this type has them. Can any one tell me if this is true and if so why are you not told this when you order.

  AndySD 19:08 24 Mar 2004

click here you will soon not notice them.

  Alister McAlister 22:51 16 Aug 2004

Further to the query and response above, i have to add my own dismay at acquiring one of these monitors. i was very impressed by reviews in PCAdvisor which spoke of the clarity of these screens and forked out a small fortune for one. I immediately noticed the lines and queried it with Mesh from whom I bought the monitor. They referred me to Mitsubishi who were unsympathetic and told me this was quite normal.

I advise people not to purchase one of these screens. I am aware of the lines at all times, even as I type these words...

  joethebow 23:31 16 Aug 2004

If it uses a Soni Trinotran tube the lines will be there. This tube uses 2 very fine wires to support the shadow mask just behind the screen phosphors. It's not a problem on a TV as you are usually siting some feet away and they don't notice. But on a PC monitor when you are up close and personal, they are very noticable.

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