Line spacing in Word 2007

  bumpkin 21:16 15 Jul 2018

I have used Word for years as I find it very good. Now giving me a problem in that I can't alter the line spacing, if I am writing an address for example it will enter 2 or 3 returns between each line spreading it way too far down the page. I have been to settings which was set to 1.5 and have changed it to 1 but it still leaves too much space between the lines. I can copy & paste it into notepad and it appears as normal and prints out fine but not if I try to print it from Word.

  difarn 23:39 15 Jul 2018

Open a word document. Click on Aa Bb.....normal then on Change Styles (on the right). Choose Style Set and then Choose Word 2003 then click on Set as Default in the same drop down box.

I have tried in on my Word 2007 and it works.

  lotvic 00:28 16 Jul 2018

It is seeing each line as a paragraph and inserting space line. In the same box on the ribbon menu, where you choose the line spacing, there is an option to remove the space after a paragraph. Select/highlight the lines of text and then go to the ribbon menu and click on 'remove space after paragraph'

  lotvic 18:57 16 Jul 2018

Thank you mrcalif, that's another thing I've learnt :)

  bumpkin 20:41 16 Jul 2018

Thanks for the replies, removing the space after a paragraph sorted it. mrcalifs suggestion also does.

  johnparker04 23:57 16 Jul 2018

Earlier, I was also facing the same problem but after the shortcut of using the copy and pasting it in notepad,the issue was solved. Many people are still searching for the windows shortcut key for it but in vain.

  bumpkin 18:32 17 Jul 2018

* Many people are still searching for the windows shortcut key for it but in vain.*

Perhaps you would care to enlighten us then.

  Forum Editor 18:42 17 Jul 2018

I have always used the soft return method when typing addresses in Word.

  difarn 19:47 17 Jul 2018

In Word 7 the suggestion I made at the top of this page does exactly the same as a soft return and it is automatic.

  lotvic 20:13 17 Jul 2018

It's useful to know there are several ways to achieve the desired line spacing :)

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