Line sharing devices

  OAP65 10:57 05 Mar 2005

My ISP is Tesco Anytime, and I seem to have a very slow connection. I have found out that I have a line sharing device on my BT line. I contacted BT with my queries about a slow connection speed and they told me that they are quite happy with the service, as they are only obliged to support at 28.8 KBS, which according to them. that is what they provide. I'm not certain that I achieve this. If I want to have a faster connection, I have to go to BroadBand, then they will remove this device. I have no wish at this time to go on to BroadBand, is there any way around this? I have heard of a program called "On Speed" but I believe that there are limitations to some of it's functions Any ideas please?

It depends on the device there is a device called a DAX that roughly allows 2 plus lines to run from it but again it depends on the street basicaly these are put in due to not having enough telegraph poles i would suggest to get broadband but again not sure if this is poss if there is the aboce device there

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:17 05 Mar 2005

They are quite happy with it, you are not.

It is baloney that they will not remove the line sharing device. They are obliged to provide the service you ask for and cannot force you to go broad band.

Have a look on the OFCOM site click here

  OAP65 12:05 06 Mar 2005

Thank you Juggy69 and Fruit Bat/\0/\ I will keep trying.

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