Line in screen when display is moving

  Kokid90 17:26 27 Nov 2013

I built a computer for myself and didn't notice the following issue up until weeks after so I can't say if it as been there since day one or it appeared at some point of time afterwards.

What it is is that when I play a game or move the screen up and down or from side to side with the scroll bars, there is always a horizontal bar of pixels that split my screen in two and makes the displayed moving image off at that level, It seems to be always about 1/3 off my screen starting from the bottom but I believed I seen it be in the upper part as well. The effect it as is like if you would cut the screen where the line is and slide one part 1 milimeter to the left or the right. When the screen is still (i.e. no movements) there is nothing wrong in the display.

Would someone know what this is ? would it be the monitor or would that be coming from the desktop computer tower hardwares, for example, graphic card or even the connected cables.

I use DVI connection.

Here is a link to a video that shows what i meant to explain :

click here for video


  woodchip 18:00 27 Nov 2013

faulty screen,if under warranty send it back

  lotvic 18:14 27 Nov 2013

Try altering the refresh rate of monitor and see if it still does it.

Start | Settings | Control Panel | Display icon. Then Settings tab | Advanced. Monitor tab

  Bris 18:57 27 Nov 2013

If Lotvics suggestion doesnt cure it check the screen resolution. Screens work best at their native resolution.

  woodchip 19:30 27 Nov 2013

Its a fault in the edge connection of the screen

  bumpkin 20:55 27 Nov 2013

As woodchip says a faulty screen but try the other suggestions and try it on another PC to confirm.

  nickf 21:02 27 Nov 2013

It is called shearing . Its caused by the refresh rate of your graphics and monitor , they are not syncing . As previous posters have said , changing the refresh rate on your monitor should cure the problem . The monitor is not broken .

  Kokid90 21:06 27 Nov 2013

It seems like putting the refresh rate to 60 instead of 30 might have fixed it !

I tried connecting the monitor to HDMI which was okay then put it back on DVI and it was okay but the problem reappeared about 2 minutes after.

I then tried change the refresh rate and it's been over 10 minutes and it hasn't come back !

Hope it was the problem.

Thanks guys.

If it comes back will let know

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