On line in safe mode! Can that be?

  jack 08:53 16 Jun 2009

2 of my flock have reported - what to me are not feasible- but I thought - describe and talk here before I go and put my foot in my mouth.
Old Ram 1.
This guy having internet connectivity problems- got onto his ISP [Virgin Cable]
Speaking to his 'Indian Virgins' of Bombay [his description] was told to do this and that and then restart in 'Safe Mode'
He said OK- I can get online in Safe Mode but not regularly.- That is what he told me-
I am aware that Safe Mode' excludes drivers - therefore running external devices - and I tried it just moment ago - its true - on my machine to prove the point - No connectivity - No printer - in safe mode .
So what was he telling me-?
Is it different for cable connected folk or is he plain confused?

Old RAM 2.
This guy is a TalkTalk customer
He got on to his ISP[Different lot of Indian Virgins do you think?] and was given a talk through to get his system on line.
On this occasion what he described was not a talk through to do this and that so much as 'Remote Assistance' control of his machine.
Is that method employed by ISP's does any one know?

  Technotiger 09:01 16 Jun 2009

It is perfectly normal to get into Safe Mode with Internet access.

Yes, ISP Helprooms do often use Remote Acces to sort out problems.

  jack 09:26 16 Jun 2009

Getting on Line in Safe did not work for me - but OK
I'll go see why he is not getting on line normally.

Perhaps he could persuade Virgin to do a TalkTalk ;-}

  Technotiger 09:40 16 Jun 2009

Normally when you go into Safe mode, you are then given several options, one of which is 'to start Safe mode with Internet Access' - or words to that effect, I can't remember exact wording.

  Strawballs 09:45 16 Jun 2009

Safe mode with networking

  Technotiger 09:47 16 Jun 2009

Thanks ..... :-))

  jack 14:09 16 Jun 2009

Will go see what that one is up to or not.

  jack 18:52 16 Jun 2009

Old Ram 2 is a TalkTalk customer - formerly
Tiscali- his address is still Tiscali.
And this is the guy that appeared to have been sorted by remote support.

This afternoon he was telephoned by a gentlemen from the same place as the Indian Virgins-
Through a very strong accent he told old Ram2 that his 'Tower guarantee' had run out, and that he could continue support by subscribing to 'Support on Click'
offering a range of services for a fat fee - of course.
A Google revealed some not very good reports.for example
click here
click here
and plenty more
the point is
How did this lot get to know he had been in trouble?
Are they linked in someway to TT or is there skulduggery at work?

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