line noise

  paradiddle1984 19:59 03 May 2004

hi all. my pc keeps dropping my adsl connection from time to time. Ill be online then itll disconnect, it also happens when our telephone rings now or when somebody picks the receiver up for whatever reason from time to time.

This was happening a few months back but seemed to fix itself. I have tried new microfilters, a different modem and none of these things work, i just get loads of crackling on the line.

If i contacted bt and got them to alter the gain on my phone line do you think this would remedy my situation? I have exams coming up at university and need to have internet access for revision.

Many thanks.

  woodchip 20:16 03 May 2004

It will with a Phone but I do not know about Broadband

  paradiddle1984 20:18 03 May 2004

they way i had it explained, if the single is weak to start with it aint gona carry the signal very well, causing the connection to drop. last time i had this problem he said the line noise was at the upped end of the acceptable limit.

Ive had to have the line noise reduced a couple of times when i was on dial up as well

  LastChip 20:26 03 May 2004

Are you sure you haven't exceeded the REN number for your line? The most common cause of this is having too many devices connected. Telephones, answer-phones and FAX machines generally have a REN of 1 (One) each and you are allowed a maximum REN of 4.

The other thing that could be causing the problem is a faulty telephone. I had that recently, and replacing the telephone cured the noise problem, though I did not suffer from dropped connections.

As regards turning up the gain, your best bet would be to talk to the BT technicians, but I would have thought tuning up the gain would also proportionately increase the noise.

  paradiddle1984 20:28 03 May 2004

i have a telephone in the living room and one here in my room. thats all thats connected to the line as well as my pc.

  Sapins 20:30 03 May 2004

Might be moisture in the main box coming into the house.

  Eastender 20:53 03 May 2004

If you have crackling on the line then report it as fault. I did this and it was fixed within 3 days.

  paradiddle1984 21:04 03 May 2004

to my isp or to bt?

  Eastender 21:29 03 May 2004

BT. Phone 151. BOL

  mammak 22:09 03 May 2004

LastChip very valid point you have made regarding
REN now would that include your sky box as i would imagine most people would not even consider this after all it should be running through your phone line' may be a shot in the dark but worth a thought wouldnt you say' would this add to your REN count ? Regards Mammak

  Graham ® 22:10 03 May 2004

Crackling on pork is good. On the line, bad. As Eastender, raise a fault with your phone service provider.

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