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  dogbreath1 18:52 26 Jan 2011

First off, apologies for the thread title.

I'm looking for software to calculate the minimum possible draw necessary to complete a line drawing without taking pen off paper. The start and end points need to be co-terminus but it would be permitted to overdraw the same line twice.

Example can be found click here

  onionskin 23:37 26 Jan 2011
  dogbreath1 20:06 27 Jan 2011

Thanks for trying, but that algorithm only works out the shortest possible travel between a number of nodes.

What I am trying to do is analogous to the above but adding in other random inter node connections.

Essentially, I am trying to find the most efficient way to draw a multi-line design whilst complying with the following rules.

1. The drawing needs to be completed without taking pen off paper.

2. Doubling back is permitted but must be minimised.

3. The start and end points need to be co-terminus.

I suppose that it's more of a mathematical problem than a computer one, but I hoped there may be a piece of software out there that might help.

Your link was useful, however, in as much as it alluded to the large amount of processing power that would be required as the number of node points increase. Ultimately, the problem might be difficult to solved using a domestic PC.

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