On-line download to cd/dvd copy!.

  spuds 11:59 05 Jun 2010

Grey matter is not working today, but there must be a simple solution!.

I am using a trial version of an on-line download program. There is the option to purchase the item, and I have contacted the software company (USA,South East Asia based) about a cd version. Apparently the product can be supplied on cd by request and extra payment, but the company as suggested this is not advisable due to 'future development and updates'.

What is the route, so I can re-install the program (after purchase) and keep a back-up cd copy.

As I said, the grey matters not functioning well today, so be gentle with the answer :O)

  lotvic 12:08 05 Jun 2010

What is the program and where did you download it from? and what purpose do you want it for?

There is probably a free program that does the same thing as you are wanting to do.

  spuds 13:00 05 Jun 2010

The download was provided by 'Giveaway of the Day'. Its called Wondershare PC Health.

I have used a number of 'tweaking' programs, both free issues and purchased varieties. But found the above program very interesting and thorough, with no false/positives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 05 Jun 2010

Whenever I download programs I select SAVE rather than RUN.

The install file (program) is then saved to a folder on my hard drives and can be backed up elsewhere as well.

Run the program from the saved file and install.

Then if you need to you can reinstall it from the same file at a later date.

  spuds 16:18 05 Jun 2010

Fruit Bat-- That is how I normally download, its the way to convert to cd/dvd and make a copy that I have forgotten.

lotvic-- Forgot to thank you for the input. Apologies.

  eedcam 18:42 05 Jun 2010

Just save it to cd but if its a GAOTD it wont work

  lotvic 19:08 05 Jun 2010

no apology necessary. We all work/help/input together - like a jigsaw puzzle :))

  spuds 20:30 05 Jun 2010

The original GAOTD was registered as a full working program for about 3 months, then the time limit kicked in with some parts deactivated.

Contacting the software manufacturer for advice re purchasing a cd, they stated that it would be best to download latest version, than reactivate older version, because there are two updates to each version. I want to make a purchase, then download to disk, in case back-ups fail.

Apparently if there are problems with downloads and program failures, then its a case of overseas technical support, and possible refund or replacement problems. Having a copy might help resolve that issue if it occurs.

  lotvic 20:53 05 Jun 2010

My suggestion to do what you want is:

Purchase and download the latest version
Save it in your Downloads Folder
Do not install it from there, instead burn it to a CD (leave a copy in your Downloads Folder - don't delete it)
Now insert the CD and install it from the CD

you will soon find out if it works or not. I can think of no reason why it would not work.

You may have to uninstall the expired trial version before you install the paidfor.

  justme 21:02 05 Jun 2010

GAOTD downloads have a special installation program which will only install the program on the day it was downloaded. You can save the download on your hard disc but it will not install after the day it was downloaded. That's why it is free.

Having said that, if you download one of their programs which is not time limited to only work for a few months then the program will keep working for as long as you have the computer. It can be backed up and reinstalled from the backup but only to the original computer.

  spuds 21:13 05 Jun 2010

Funny that you should mention that. I did re-install the program on one occasion at a later date, using the supplied keycode. It still came back as 'registered', but informed me that it 'might harm my computer- because it might be a pirate copy'. I took this up with Wondershare, hence their suggestion about later version.

It worked and still is,in the 'limited' mode.

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