line in on Compaq N610 laptop?

  Tim1964 20:51 11 Mar 2004

I'm looking to convert vinyl/tapes on to my N610c laptop but I cannot see how to connect it to the hifi.
The laptop has 2x USB, 1x NIC card port, serial, parallel, microphone and headphone sockets but no 'line in'. Am I out of luck or is there a way to use one of the other ports?


  Tim1964 22:43 11 Mar 2004


  LastChip 22:59 11 Mar 2004

I've not come across a specific solution for your problem, but this one click here is for Video/Camcorder tape to DVD.

The point is, it does have connections for audio separately for use with a Camcorder. I wonder if it could be used for audio alone, can't see why not. If your interested, perhaps an e-mail to the support team would answer this question for you, or maybe they would be able to offer an alternative.

  Tim1964 23:35 11 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply LastChip,

I already have the software on my home PC(dbpoweramp - to convert the vinyl to mp3 and Auadacity - to clean it up) but I would like to do the same with my laptop which does NOT have a 'line in socket'

  LastChip 00:25 12 Mar 2004

It's not the software I was pointing you to, it's the "Breakout Box" (connector box) that comes with it. This box connects to your PC via USB. You then connect your leads to that.

  JerryJay 00:32 12 Mar 2004

Microphone port can be used, but have to be very careful. You need to set your signal level very low. The reason for this is that "Resistance" on mic port is small than line-in, so mic is more sensitive to linein. If you set signal level high, you not only get bad sound recording but you may risk to burn it due to overcurrent. I used mic as line in for my machine many times (not the same machine as yours)have no problem with it, but cannot say about your machine.

Another option is to use an external usb sound card, Creactive Soundblaster Mp3+ - External USB Soundcard only cost £32 on ebuyer click here (maybe even cheaper in other places), a very small device, the sound quality is much much better than laptop's buildin one. If you want even better sound, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Nx 7.1 External Soundcard 7.1 costs £9 click here, there is also one produce by Maudio (do not have link)

  Tim1964 19:04 12 Mar 2004


The mic socket on the laptop is mono only so I will look into lastchip suggestion, Thanks.

  JerryJay 22:05 12 Mar 2004

Why do not try external sound card I suggested above.

  thisisnighthawk 22:48 12 Mar 2004

as jerryjay said, get the creative mp3 box of tricks, it is perfect for the job...

  Tim1964 00:21 13 Mar 2004

That certainly looks like the bit of kit for it, Thanks.

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